Tuesday, March 10, 2015

La Familia es de Dios, March 9, 2015

Sara celebrated her half way mark of being on her mission! 9 Months down, 9 to go.  They just keep getting better!
Hi everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
La Familia es de Dios! Whoever can figure out what the title says first, wins. ha (It says  "The Family is of God")
I hope everybody is doing fantastic. I miss you all, and am glad you are all doing such great things as I am doing such great things too.
 I hope these wonderful changes that are becoming a part of me will be permanent.  It is kind of strange, that as I was leaving, my fear was that I wuold become someone completely different. And now that I'm here, my only concern is that I won't keep becoming someone different. It is so refreshing to be someone new. I am still firery and happy and enthusiastic, and love to plan, prioritize. and talk (of course haha). But I have become a new person, and it is so liberating to see and feel and experience. I love helping these people. I love them. I am so grateful for the Atonement and for it's refining, weakness-purging power. It takes it all out of me. 
Like the other day we had a really good day with teaching and helping people, but then with certain meetings and events we ended up walking back to the house at the end of the night a little bit exhausted and overwhelmed. (Well, me.... Hna. Stahly is always positive haha). 'I just want to be able to do everything perfectly and please everyone!' I told her, and she just smiled and said, 'but that's the point, He wants you to want to, but He also knows you can't. That's why we have the Atonement.' 
I am absolutely nothing without the Lord. I am so grateful for the divine gift of God's Perfect Son. 
I was so happy to see that cute little mom and one of her little boys at church yesterday! (the, I see my mother kneeling story). It made me so happy! This amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing recent convert, Carla, came to church with her two little boys too. I love the so much! I just love teaching and helpin g families. I can't say enough how grateful I am to  understand why my family is happy, and try to help other familes be happy too.
All these young mommies with their cute kids, I just love it! We found an old investigator contacting the other day, and she has cute little kids, and she almost got baptized when she got sick and had to move closer to the hospital in another place for a few months. Something like that.... anyways, we're going to go teach her tonight! 
Pray for these people to come to church. Church meetings are sooooooooooooooo important. It is so easy to see how parents need to love and support each other in EVERYTHING, especially in living the gospel, so that their children 'may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.' 2 Nephi 25:26
Being a mom all alone trying to raise your kids in the gospel is pretty hard. There's a reason we need righteous priesthoold holders in our homes. It is by devine design. Families are perfectly organized.
I have always  loved the part in remember the titans where Julius is talking about how we aren't perfect, but the team is. It's like that in families too. 'I'm not saying I'm perfect, cuz I'm not... but this family  is perfect.'
I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a fantastic week!
Loooooooooooooove Hermana Coray
I hear love is in the air even a little more especially this week, so take lots of pics and I'll see them next week! 

How Much is That Doggy in the Window, March 2, 2015

So the other night we stop by to check on a less-active, and after calling at the gate, nothing happened (it was late and dark right before it was time to go home). So I stooped down to look through their peek hole to see if there were any lights in the house, and their dog jumped his head out of the hole and almost bit my face off! Me and the animal struggles... I swear.... Me and Hermana Stahly laughed so hard all the way home. I almost DIED.

Sergio is doing good. I know he knows it's true. He just doesn't know yet. 

Margarita is so great and accepted a date to get baptized! I know she can do it!

Hermana Stahly and I are doing fantastic. She is hilarious and we love to work so hard. Sometimes we get random comments from people in the street like 'chiquillas! a donde van tan felizes?! y tan RAPIDO!!!!'  'Girlies! Where are you going to happy?! and so fast!!!!!!!!!'

I'm in the part in the Book of Mormon about the stripling warriors, and I love the part where it says that they are 'firm and undaunted.' That's how I wanna be. I know I van usually put on a pretty good face of being confident, but holding a part of the world on your shoulders that the Lord has given you to take care of never fails to send me to my knees. But I am so grateful that He never lets anything quench my fire. I'm trying to be undaunted, even when sometimes I feel terrified. Good thing Heavenly Father is better than everything! It's like the part on Lion King: 

'you're never afraid of anything.' 'I was today..' 'really?' 'but you know what? I think those hyenas were even scared-er!' ' That's because nobody messes with your dad!'

And then they go off into the sunset playing....

Yay for focusing on hope in Fabruary, I learned the best way to be hopeful is to be positive and not worry. I'm excited to focus on charity for March, and I highly recommend that you all try it too:) We'll get to the end of the year being new and better! Yay!

Teaching is like a mirror. As I teach I see my own laziness, pride, unbelief, and sins, and it is so apparent what I need to change. 

Today we walked into San Francisco to do some things,. and I saw this sign with our name on it, so I went in and asked who's last name it was, and the lady said her name is Andrea Coray! And her ancestors are from france! so probably we're related! Haha our family tree got a lot bigger! Not only is Emily our family! (obviously, I knew there had to be a connection) but we have family in Chile too! The elders from San Francisco are going to go visit her and her family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much for having all of our family history done. Not even cloooooooooose. yay!

I love you all:) I am so happy to hear all the good things you are doing. i am so proud to have you all as my family. I pray for you, and I know you are praying for me, because the Lord takes good care of me:) Have a fantastic week! The Church is true!

Ever blessing and talent I have been given is to prepare me to be a good missionary, and every blessing I will ever recieve will be because of this service. 

'But Sara! How can that be?! You're not even dancing anymore!!!' 

I know! But just wait till we see the rest of my life. I'm gonna do that thing!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Hermana Coray
p.s. I didn't get ready... sorry... we went to the doctor for my toes. He says they're doing great! Ah, Elder Macklehaney and Elder Avila gave me the most amazing blessing this week before I went to see the doctor. The priesthood... it's real.