Monday, September 22, 2014

The Reason we Have Nieces: Sometimes you Need Angels When you Have Surgeries in Foreign Countries September 22, 2014

So I found out that Sara didn't write a letter for the blog last week because their computer service went down during her computer time.  Here are some great pictures I received from Kathy on Facebook.  She is a great friend to the sister missionaries in their ward in Ranaca Alto.  The first ones are from a ward party celebrating Chilean Independence Day. The last three are Sara and Sister Etchagaray  last week when they had Sunday dinner with Kathy Munoz and her family.

Friends and Family,
So EVERYONE and their dog knows about the feet situation. Thank you for nothing, sisterly circle of trust. You both broke that one. But yes, when I was sitting there on the kitchen table of the mission office, having flashbacks to all the little cat surgeries, Dave Jackson´s hand, when I fell in the cactus, when I fell down the hill, shot in the hand (ok Im going to stop listing the amount of home-proceedures I´ve had. Or Ill be here all day). Anyways, one of the missionaries brought me a letter from Adee, and I had been so worried that I was going to have to sit there and watch the whole thing, but my companion opened up the letter, and I just sat there and held those adorable little scribbles she sent me in front of my face so I didn't have to watch. WE NEVER GET MAIL OTHER THAN ZONE CONFERENCE. So that was my little miracle. But that day, it was a very big deal for me "it´s a VERY big deal ALBERT!"
      We had a miracle at church yesterday too! Hunberto announced in Sunday School that he recieved his answer (he's the dad of the two little boys who were baptized) and that he wants to be baptized this Saturday! It was so great to see how happy he was. 
      Also, I have been studying the attributes of Christ, and I highly recommend everyone studying those 9 attributes in Preach my Gospel, and making a goal to try to apply one everyday. Like something specific you can do or say or how to act.
      I love you all very much. My toes are feeling so much better. I don't even notice them now. I promise. I am getting more accustomed to everything, and working well with Hna. Etchegaray. 
      Our zone conference was amazing. We talked about how powerful faith is, and also the changes from the first presidency that we have to teach all five lessons before baptism now, and that we have to keep in contact with every one of our converts each month for at least a year. Even while we're on our mission. They are putting a lot of trust in us to help with retention of new members. 
      I am so excited for General Conference! I can't even put in words. 
      I love you love you. Pray for Hunberto, and also for Bryan and Jenny that they can come to church consistently so that they can be baptized. Your prayers are working. We are seeing miracles, and even though it is pretty rough some days when no one wants to listen or change, I am finding people to love.
      Have a wonderful week!

      Love, Sister Coray

Also, I need someone to look up the part of A Christmas Carol of the names of the creepy little children that are named "ignorance and want" or something like that. What does he say about them at that part? Thanks!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Toes alias "Tootsies" September 15, 2014

Sara didn't have time to write a blog letter today so here are a few excerpts from the letter she wrote to me. She answered a lot of my questions about her daily life.

Yes, the toes are a struggle, but don't worry. I am being smart and taking good care of them. I am so glad I've had all that training from Ron. And yes, our Ward Mission Leader is very active. They are great!

The language isn't really hard at all now. It's mostly just dealing with a culture that is so stinkin different and laid back. Today I finally didn't have to wear any jacket! Happy day. P-days we don't have time to do anything. We clean, buy stuff we need, write home, and go back home to prep whatever we need for the rest of the week for like an hour. And there really isn't anything we could do in this area even if we did have time. 
And it doesn't take very long actually for my packages to get here. We just only get mail once every transfer at zone meetings. So if you want me to get it in like less than two months after you send it, send it right after we have our last zone meeting. We just had one the 10th, so we will have one in about six more weeks. You can plan it like that, and that way it won't be sitting in the mission office forever. Because it only takes about 4 weeks for it to arrive to Chile. I hope that made sense.
Thank you so much for your prayers and love. I love you and miss you. Have a great week!
Love, Sara
Here are pictures of "wild life" she passed on her way home from the grocery store and from her toe surgery.  I wonder how many pictures I have of Sara's feet after surgical procedures.  This was one of the more mild ones. She had ingrown toenails removed last week.
Sorry, they're kinda gross haha

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday Will Come, September 8,2014

Sara with her new companion Hermana Marina Etchegaray. She is from Argentina. She has three months left in her mission.  she and Sara are complete opposites but have become good friends during their first week together. 

Celebrating Sara's 3 months in to her mission with a yummy breakfast!


Dear Friends and family,
If anyone was under the impression that the world is completely full of missionaries, think again. We need more. So so many more. So that's that.

We have a Zone meeting this week so that will be fun. Mom, will you look to see how much my card was charged? I used it for the first time the other day, so I just need to know that. 

I have like no time, but I would just like to say that no piece of anything I ever learned in my home has been wasted. It is crucial to teach your children. And teach them well. thank you mom and dad. I can't say it enough. Steve, get ready to hit the ground running. 

Everyone should watch the little mormon message from Elder Haight's talk Sunday Will Come. That is the hope I am hanging onto right now. I feel a little bit in the middle of Friday night. This morning I read Alma 31:31-38 and was crying at how similar I feel right now. It will all be ok. Sunday will come. 
I love you all so much. We need prayers for Hunberto, Bryan, Jenny, Juan, and everyone else. and lots of prayers for soft hearts. 

Sister Coray