Monday, October 27, 2014

Parables From Sara, October 27,2014

So I feel like everday there is a little line that goes through my head that teaches me a new lesson. This week they were great so I will share. The Lord always taught in parables, and I feel like these little thought He gives me from things I've heard before are the same way. If anyone is struggling with the application, ask Jennah to explain what part of the movie it's from.

Sleeping Beauty #1
I realized that the world needs like double or TRIPLE the number of missionaries. 
'But I sent more missionaries yesterday!!!'
'Oh yes, but we need MORE. Lots lots more!'

Sleeping Beauty #2
Also, trying to do missionary work without members is like the cute little green fairy that is frantically trying to stack the candles on the uncooked cake. We were talking about the importance of needing to help the members help us, and that little part of her standing there with her drippy frosting trying to prop it up with a broom......... oh it was hilariously perfect. THAT'S the missionaries. What's the oven? If you can't guess I'll tell you... it's the members. They're the retention, and the most important part for making it strong. If not... we're stacking candles on an uncooked cake. Lockily, we have some great members:)

You know that robots movie that no one on earth likes? There is at least one good part. 'See a need - fiil a need.' Yesterday as we had a little misshap with our baptismal font, I won't point fingers or go into details, but let's just say that we had a baptism in 20 minutes and there was zero water in the font. So that was fun. But I learned the importance of being anxiously engaged in a good cause and being agents unto themselves and it is nor meet to be compelled in all things. Last but not least mom's line be a good helper! But a miracle, after all that was learned, the font that usually fills in 3 hours filled in 30 minutes because a brilliant little someone thought to use the fire hose. (I didn't know if that was allowed, but I didn't ask questions when the thought came into my head haha). It made me think of Elder Holland's line at the end of his talk 'Although I am not my brother's keeper, I am my brother's brother. And because I have been given much I too must give.' Here in Chile, we are helping people learn to be good helpers that can see a need and do something about it. Regardless of if it is written in the description of your calling.

'Ask the Missionaries! They can help you!'
How true, Elder Anderson. If anyone is in need of anything, missionaries are kind of the Lord's worldwide spiritual welfare program. We know how to help. But apart from all we are able to do for others, I have also seen so many blessings that come into people's lives from helping US. If anyone out there wants some extra blessings, here's what I suggest: help the missionaries, it will bless you.

So the baptism for Ignacia was great yesterday, and we are working hard with Michael, Emmanuel, AND NOW Bastian:)

It has been a great week. We taught so many lessons it was insane. Our sector is huge, so I felt like we were running everywhere, but that's ok! Pray for the Rojas family that their marriage papers can go through so they can be baptized!

Love you lots and lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Coray
p.s. I will have you all know I am more pacient (I forgot how to spell that) and I also don't worry as much because I realized worry means you don't have faith or hope. Progress, people. Progress.


'Oh that's funny... it's spelled JUST like the word escape!' October 20, 2014

You will all be happy to know that actually, the word for escape in spanish is escape. Pronounced exactly like Dory says it in Finding Nemo. I found that nice little treasure this week.
that's supposed to be a penguin because I have HAPPY FEET --> 

My feet are doing well. 'I'm fine! No really, I'm fine. Thanks for asking.'

We worked so hard this week, and we are planning for three baptisms this Sunday! Emmanuel, Ignacia, and Michael. We have been fasting and praying lots, and have found some great new families that will hopefully turn into great new investigators! 

We also had interviews with the president this  week, and it was so great. President Kahnlein is so wonderful, and it is always a great blessing to get to meet with him. 

Thank you for the prayers and packages and everything you all do for me. I hope you represented me well at Liv`s wedding! Congrats! 

I am learning so much, and it's bringing out the best part of me. I absolutely cannot believe that I am already 1/4 of the way done. It makes me want to stop time! Im sure you are all making Christmas preparations already, and just think, by next Christmas I'll be home. Ugh that is so weird. I am still waiting for the day when the language clicks really well in my mind, and Im hoping it happens before the next transfer because I really feel like I will be training. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. If Amanda can do it, I guess I can try. She's my inspiration! 

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hermana Coray

Monday, October 13, 2014

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold.. All You Need is a Light Jacket! October 13, 2014

Dear friends and family,
I love the change in the weather:) It is warm and barely breezy, so I pretty much live in paradise. (Well... for weather at least.) I think I saw Wendy Bone in one of the conference sessions! Ask her if she was there!
We have been concerntrating a lot on Emmanuel, who is going to be baptized this week, and also Ignacia and Michael, who will hopefully baptized in the next week or two. Everyone is doing great, expecially because we have been working so hard with members to have lessons in their homes so that we can help people be welcomed into to church, and feel like they have friends. I learned that before every meeting or activity, if you don't text or call or invite at least one person to make sure they know about it, you aren't doing your responsibility as a member. EVERYONE needs friends. NEEDS! PEOPLE! You can text and tweet, post and pin, in like 2 seconds. So just do it. (Nike swoosh)
We get to have interviews this week! Im so excited! Also, I hear that Maddy is going to be Clara, so I am so stinkin excited about that! 
My toes healed super fast, and I feel great. Everything is going kind of as usual in our ward, but we have seen some great progress in visiting teaching, home teaching, lessons with investigators in their homes, and more retention of recent converts. So that is great. It just took some time for me to figure out how to work better with everyone who's culture and lifestyle is very different from my own. 
I also read this week 'The Fourth Missionary' and about died of loving it so much. Especially the part about not only sacrificing our time and efforts to the Lord, but consecrating them. That means that we don't only do the things we know we should do because it's our duty, but that it is a pleasure. At first, leaving to come on a mission felt like a sacrifice, but I know it is a blessing. I found a common theme in all of your letters this week, and so I decided I would answer you all together, and that is that I am so glad you are all recieving blessings from this service. It isn't just something I feel like is my duty to do, but now it's my 'duty with a heart full of song.' It's a pleasure even when there's pain. Toes, sad people, rejection... the list could go on, but it doesn't really matter, becuase this is where He wants me to be, and I am His. So there is nothing else I could be happier to do right now. 
Do I love every second? Yes. Is it fun every second? No, hardly ever. I don't really feel like jumping for joy when someone yells, or doesn't want to listen, or tells us ´what we Mormons believe,´ but that has come to matter less and less, because why would it be easy for Christ´s missionaries, when it was never easy for Him?
There, Dad. That was more than two sentences. I am so glad you are recieving blessings. You are the best part of my life. I love you! 
Hermana Coray

Friday, October 10, 2014

Operation Sausages, October 6, 2014

 Sara has the cutest little dancer toes, we affectionately call them sausages, cause that's what they look like.  So she had to get more work done on her toenails this week on P day, so she didn't have much time left to let us know anything else about her week.   I know she recently had a zone conference because there are many pictures posted on the mission web site at  After our family prayer recently Robert said," I wonder how many prayers we have said asking to bless Sara's feet."  but please pray for Sara's feet to heal well so she can get out and visit the people she wants to meet.  Here are two short little notes she sent us.

Well, I'm just chillin here in the mission office because they finished operation sausages. The shots kill, but the rest isn-t ever that bad. Everything went great! Conference was awesome! Don-t have more time but Ill talk to you next week!
Sister Coray
And our family just got home from a vacation to Disney World in Florida. 
Dear family,
I hope you guys still had so much fun! Hahahaha I can picture your jabbing fights and falling into the bushes. Og my gosh... it will never change, and I hope it never does! I heard about Taysom... what are we gonna do with BYU... 

Conference was awesome! We got to watch it all, and in English too! My favorite sessions were the Saturday ones. They were all so amazing. I like the young Elder from the 70 Saturday Afternoon. It was awesome. 

Yes, I am sitting here in the mission office, because we just did the surgery and everything went well. I made my companion video it haha. So I can show you when I get home! It's too big to send. 

We'll be in the apartment for 3 days waiting for my toes to heal a little, and then just like before work up slowly to working full days. They healed so well last time, so Im not expecting any trouble this time around. 

Love you so much! Everything is going great. I am so grateful that we live in a place where listening to the prophet is important... because it is! Emmanuel is doing great, and hopefully will be baptized this weekend!
Love, Sara

The Things They Can't Ask For, September 29, 2014

So Humberto's baptism and confirmation were wonderful! They are such a cute little family, and yesterday he showed up at church with a suit and tie and everything. They are an amazing family that will go to the temple. ONE YEAR! Also, We have Emmanuel that was a miracle these past two weeks. He was just a contact that has been coming to church for two weeks now. The day we found him walking in the street, he told one of our members he was in a very very very sad place, and because we talked to him he came to church. He came to church before the bishop even got there yesterday. He will be baptized in two weeks it looks like! We have also seen so many miracles in our ward. People are starting to really try to do home and visiting teaching, and are realizing slowly (baby baby steps) that it takes everyone's effort. We had so many people at church (for Chile) that it was amazing. So thank you for your prayers. They work, in case you were wondering.

Also, thank you Adri for giving me a lot of practice with love bites. I got bit by a dog for the first time this week, but it's teeth didn't even break the first layer of skin. Gotta love the armor of angels that I've got. In my long list of bodily afflictions in my life, there is another thing I can check off my list. (It's like another little thing you can check off your list! Check! Life as we know it). 
My toes... I told the doctor to do both sides of both toes... did he listen? Of course not. It looks like we might have to do the other side of both nails. Im not worried. The sides he fixed are doing great. I just wish we would have done it all at once. Pray that he won't play pattycake with his needle and my foot this time.
But, more than anything I learned this week that the most important things we can do to serve people are the things they can't ask for. Like a nice written note, or saying I love you, or texting them to go with you to eat ice cream, or go to church, or an activity, or spending time with them. There is so much that we can do for others, even when we don't know exactly what they need. It's always the little things they can't ask for that they need the most.

Love you so much!

I also used the My Big Fat Greek Wedding quote about the head and the neck with a less active member this week to help her learn that she could help encourage her husband to come back to church. Hahaha. Movie quotes people... they-re important. 
Love you All!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liv, just remember that Ben took ME to Senior Prom. hahahaha. One Tree Hill replay!!!!!!!!!!
Em, I am praying for you and love you so much. Everything will be ok!
Peach and blessings
Sister Coray


Lisbet, their daughter with the CTR right I gave her:)
Us with Humberto
The bishop and his family
Lots of peeps

Be a Friend!

We heard from Sara last week while we were on vacation, but I didn't get to post her letters.  So here's the update from  September 29, 2014
Julie:I had asked Sara if she and her cousin Amanda are able to keep in touch while on their missions. They both have had quite a time getting started... Sara's feet, Amanda breaking her arm...etc.  here is her reply:
Sara: I hear from Amanda, yes. And we are obviously both still our true selves being missionaries. But we did warn the Lord before we left that we might still be the beautiful messes that we are. Hahaha.}

Julie:  Then I told her about some new friends Steven and Jared have made.  Sara's reply is a good reminder to us all to watch out for one another.
Sara:   That warms my heart so much to hear about the boys helping these new families. Just think of how much it would mean if one of your sons was in that situation, and all you could do was pray that there was another nice young boy like Steven to come along and be his friend. Because as a mom, there really isn't anything you can do to make your child have friends. It depends completely on the decisions of other people. So please don't let the boys stop helping them! More than anything, if there was one thing I could change about this place, I would wish that the members would invite ONE person before every meeting or activity. Friendship is missionary work. And firendship is charity, and we all know that charity is the pure love of Christ. 'no greater love hath man than this, than he lay down his life for his friends.' Laying down your life doesn't have to mean dying for someone, because Christ didn't just die for us - He LIVES for us. So our lives have to be our sacrifice. Turning out to help others when it would be so easy to turn inward.