Monday, November 24, 2014

I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT IM FEELIN 22!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!​!!!

Happy birthday to me... i know. thank you ALL for the happy birthday wishes. So I'm training................................. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. How do these things always happen to me. I felt like such a newb the first two days. It was kind of just, "ok, we're going to go out and walk around now, and the spirit will tell me what to do... hopefully i have enough faith for that."}
And it worked! We teach people still, everyone is alive and breathing and getting ready to be baptized. My three goals as a missionary: alive, breathing, baptized. 
Yes, my companion sang happy birthday, and yes, mother, we are using the extravagant box of birthday happiness for a great FHE tonight. i have recieved all the Birthday, Thanksgiving, christmas goodness i can stand i think... and I'm guessing there's still more on the way. Well, I love to give people stuff, so don't be expecting for all of this to make it back home. :) The clothes, i keep, the food i eat, and the rest we use to make other people happy. I love the big loving hand banner thing you sent me. thank you:) 
No, they don't celebrate thanksgiving, but that's ok! I just make them all be grateful anyways. 
Dad wins the crying contest for writing the most sentimental birthday email. hahahahaha. I love crying in public.... 
The huge family is great, but half of them don't believe in God, so we're working on that. Michael and Bastian are two nice little teenagers that just need a little shove in the right direction to be brave and start living the gospel. I've done it before, I can do it again. We had a great primary program yesterday. Very... different... but very good. It was darling. 
Every day I am astonished at how much my Heavenly Father loves me, and everyone else too. Our angency and ability to pick who we want to be is the most important thing we will ever have. We actually really CAN pick exactly who we choose to be. My favorite thing I learned this week was when I realized that a point comes where it isn't enough to just read "Book of Mormon stories," but we have to start living them. I pick Moroni. Go ahead and read Alma 43 - 60ish, and you will find that he is a weeve. We are pretty much the same person, and I think that's great. 
Happy happy thanksgiving! And happy my birthday!

One more thing...... yes, my companion is awesome. She is from Mexico! Only 19 years old:)
The weather is amazing, and when we walk to the top of the hill it takes my breath away to see the gorgeous ocean. The dogs are fine:) so ugly... 

It will be nice to be here in this same area for Christmas since i'm already used to it:) But after that I think I will be transfered. Transfers are January 1st or December 31st. 
Everyone should listen to the cute choir that sang in the Women's session of conference, the I Know that my savior Loves Me, song. I love it. 
And this video too:)

Have a fantastic week! I love you! Pray for softer hearts............
Sister Coray

Monday, November 17, 2014

You Need a Mother VERY BADLY, November 17,2014

I feel so blessed this week because we had an awesome opportunity to serve an inactive family. There are so many... I will have to describe the details of everything that they needed in their little home, but when we were sitting in their house teaching, the mom was just so overwhelmed with everything in her life, and especially that none of her kids help her work in her house. I felt such an immense feeling of gratitude in my hear to have had parents that taught me how to work. I will ALWAYS be so grateful for that. My companion and I jumped up and started helping her, and in an hour or so we had the house looking the best it has looked probably since they built it. 
I heard the little voice from HOOK "you need a mother VERY BADLY" and just kinda got to work. They can actually find their kitchen sink now. I'm just here in Chile being a mom for thousands of "lost boys."
This world needs so much more love and help, and so many people are willing to sit and critisize (I can't remember how to spell that) that everyone needs to do so much more, but there is also so much to be thankful for. And so much we can do to help. 
Remember at this time to celebrate how much we have that the most important thing I have is you all sitting around the table. And we're only happy because we all live the gospel. Not to get all teary and preachy, but seriously, that's the only difference between our family and the family of maaaaany other people. We remember which way we look... up. Because He really does give us all we need. And why wouldn't He? He loves us so much. And I love the Lord even more every day. I stand so aware of how simple life is. It only gets complicated in our head. We just have to learn to love the Lord enough to always obey and wait on Him, and the rest is already paid for. 
My greatest blessing is you, and it's the blessing that will always last. So I feel like that's a pretty good deal. 
I'll let you all know Monday who my comp is! Pray! 
Mom!!!!!!!!!! Can you send a pic of my baptism to Kathy please? Thanks!
Also, a new little notice that we can only respond once to each email that we get. So we can't talk back and forth during internet time. You can write me, I'll read and respond, and you can write me back for me to read it if you want:) but I won't respond until the next week. 
Love, Sister Coray!
Here are a few notes from Sara's letter to me about: Goodbye to Hermana Echegaray and growing on my mission!!!!!
Hi Mommy,  I told Sister Echegaray that she is always welcome in my home forever, and yes she has facebook. Her name is Marina Ivon Etchegaray. I´m sure there aren't many of those haha. 

(If you saw the pictures on Facebook of Sunday dinner with the Munoz family, you may have noticed the artwork.  Kind of funny)
We realized after that we always stand in front of that painting... hahaha we all laughed, but didn't want to go back and do them again. We'll do it different next time. "IT'S ART!" Brother Guerrero told me. haha. 
Sister Etchegaray went to the mission home today and will get home tomorrow, so I am with sister Mariscal (who is soooooooo awesome, she's a sister training leader) until 5:00 wednesday. And yes, I think I will be training someone in my area and stay here for six more weeks. 
I am excited to see how transfers go! Love you! I am loving this mommy:) It's so hard sometimes, but I just knew that I would become who the Lord was waiting for me to be, and I feel it happening.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Little Engine that Could

I. Feel. So. Draaaaaaaaaaained. Not in a bad way. We have just been working so stinking hard it's insane. We found a ton of new investigators this week, and taught soooooooo many lessons. But it's one thing to find a lot of people, and another to actually figure out how to help each one progress to be baptized. The struggle is real.
I thought of something fun for you all. In the next week we are going to get our next book of mormon reading assignment, and I thought it could be fun if you all did it with me! Well, those who want to. What we do is get a new cheap copy of the Book of Mormon, a blank one, and then with different colors we mark different themes throughout the book, and we read it in three and a half months. Like, maybe all the way through we would mark with yellow the gift of discernment, and green about listening to the spirit. I'll tell you next week or so what the themes are. I promise you will all love it!
Fam... we found a family of 12 people this week. PLEASE pray for them that they can all love the gospel. They are an amazing group of people. I am praying that we will be able to teach such a huge family well according to each of their individual needs. It will be hard, especially because my companion is going home!!!!!!!!!:(:(:( PRAY for me!!!!!!!!!
I was feeling completely overwhelmed the other day, and when my comp asked me if I was ok I explained to her that I felt like Harry Potter when all the ghosty things are sucking out all his energy. That's how I feel at the end of the day sometimes. Drained. BUT! I am doing good, and all I have to do is think of my happy place haha. I read this talk by President Monson the other day, and I LOVED this poem. It describes exactly how I feel.
Good timber does not grow with ease, 
The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.
The further sky, the greater length,
The more storm, the more strength.
By sun and cold, by rain and snow,
In trees and men good timbers grow.
I just think I need a little more faith. Our ward mission leader is awesome, and told me about the little engine that could, yesterday. 'I think I can I think I can.' 
Some days I just have no idea what the Lord will ask me to do. I feel like a little majic ball of the spirit that walks around Reñaca, taling to everone I can to tell them how great it is.
I feel like I'm living in New York 1820. So many religions, so many STRONG religions. I pray ever day that I can do what the Lord wants me to. I just always remember what Elder Bednar told us, 'who you are will always be more important than what you could say.' Im glad to have become a person that is at least worthy to have the spirit with me, and I hope that will be enough as I keep working as hard as I can.
I love my district, and I am so sad that my district leader, one of my zone leaders, and my companion will be leaving this transfer. From where I'm sitting it looks like I'll stay here one more transfer to train a newbie. Not just a newbie in the area... a newbie greenie. 
PRAY. That my little engine can.
Love you all so very much. 
Everyone should read 'The first great commandment' by elder holland
To the moon (or Chile) and back.
Hermana Coray

Monday, October 27, 2014

Parables From Sara, October 27,2014

So I feel like everday there is a little line that goes through my head that teaches me a new lesson. This week they were great so I will share. The Lord always taught in parables, and I feel like these little thought He gives me from things I've heard before are the same way. If anyone is struggling with the application, ask Jennah to explain what part of the movie it's from.

Sleeping Beauty #1
I realized that the world needs like double or TRIPLE the number of missionaries. 
'But I sent more missionaries yesterday!!!'
'Oh yes, but we need MORE. Lots lots more!'

Sleeping Beauty #2
Also, trying to do missionary work without members is like the cute little green fairy that is frantically trying to stack the candles on the uncooked cake. We were talking about the importance of needing to help the members help us, and that little part of her standing there with her drippy frosting trying to prop it up with a broom......... oh it was hilariously perfect. THAT'S the missionaries. What's the oven? If you can't guess I'll tell you... it's the members. They're the retention, and the most important part for making it strong. If not... we're stacking candles on an uncooked cake. Lockily, we have some great members:)

You know that robots movie that no one on earth likes? There is at least one good part. 'See a need - fiil a need.' Yesterday as we had a little misshap with our baptismal font, I won't point fingers or go into details, but let's just say that we had a baptism in 20 minutes and there was zero water in the font. So that was fun. But I learned the importance of being anxiously engaged in a good cause and being agents unto themselves and it is nor meet to be compelled in all things. Last but not least mom's line be a good helper! But a miracle, after all that was learned, the font that usually fills in 3 hours filled in 30 minutes because a brilliant little someone thought to use the fire hose. (I didn't know if that was allowed, but I didn't ask questions when the thought came into my head haha). It made me think of Elder Holland's line at the end of his talk 'Although I am not my brother's keeper, I am my brother's brother. And because I have been given much I too must give.' Here in Chile, we are helping people learn to be good helpers that can see a need and do something about it. Regardless of if it is written in the description of your calling.

'Ask the Missionaries! They can help you!'
How true, Elder Anderson. If anyone is in need of anything, missionaries are kind of the Lord's worldwide spiritual welfare program. We know how to help. But apart from all we are able to do for others, I have also seen so many blessings that come into people's lives from helping US. If anyone out there wants some extra blessings, here's what I suggest: help the missionaries, it will bless you.

So the baptism for Ignacia was great yesterday, and we are working hard with Michael, Emmanuel, AND NOW Bastian:)

It has been a great week. We taught so many lessons it was insane. Our sector is huge, so I felt like we were running everywhere, but that's ok! Pray for the Rojas family that their marriage papers can go through so they can be baptized!

Love you lots and lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Coray
p.s. I will have you all know I am more pacient (I forgot how to spell that) and I also don't worry as much because I realized worry means you don't have faith or hope. Progress, people. Progress.


'Oh that's funny... it's spelled JUST like the word escape!' October 20, 2014

You will all be happy to know that actually, the word for escape in spanish is escape. Pronounced exactly like Dory says it in Finding Nemo. I found that nice little treasure this week.
that's supposed to be a penguin because I have HAPPY FEET --> 

My feet are doing well. 'I'm fine! No really, I'm fine. Thanks for asking.'

We worked so hard this week, and we are planning for three baptisms this Sunday! Emmanuel, Ignacia, and Michael. We have been fasting and praying lots, and have found some great new families that will hopefully turn into great new investigators! 

We also had interviews with the president this  week, and it was so great. President Kahnlein is so wonderful, and it is always a great blessing to get to meet with him. 

Thank you for the prayers and packages and everything you all do for me. I hope you represented me well at Liv`s wedding! Congrats! 

I am learning so much, and it's bringing out the best part of me. I absolutely cannot believe that I am already 1/4 of the way done. It makes me want to stop time! Im sure you are all making Christmas preparations already, and just think, by next Christmas I'll be home. Ugh that is so weird. I am still waiting for the day when the language clicks really well in my mind, and Im hoping it happens before the next transfer because I really feel like I will be training. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. If Amanda can do it, I guess I can try. She's my inspiration! 

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hermana Coray

Monday, October 13, 2014

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold.. All You Need is a Light Jacket! October 13, 2014

Dear friends and family,
I love the change in the weather:) It is warm and barely breezy, so I pretty much live in paradise. (Well... for weather at least.) I think I saw Wendy Bone in one of the conference sessions! Ask her if she was there!
We have been concerntrating a lot on Emmanuel, who is going to be baptized this week, and also Ignacia and Michael, who will hopefully baptized in the next week or two. Everyone is doing great, expecially because we have been working so hard with members to have lessons in their homes so that we can help people be welcomed into to church, and feel like they have friends. I learned that before every meeting or activity, if you don't text or call or invite at least one person to make sure they know about it, you aren't doing your responsibility as a member. EVERYONE needs friends. NEEDS! PEOPLE! You can text and tweet, post and pin, in like 2 seconds. So just do it. (Nike swoosh)
We get to have interviews this week! Im so excited! Also, I hear that Maddy is going to be Clara, so I am so stinkin excited about that! 
My toes healed super fast, and I feel great. Everything is going kind of as usual in our ward, but we have seen some great progress in visiting teaching, home teaching, lessons with investigators in their homes, and more retention of recent converts. So that is great. It just took some time for me to figure out how to work better with everyone who's culture and lifestyle is very different from my own. 
I also read this week 'The Fourth Missionary' and about died of loving it so much. Especially the part about not only sacrificing our time and efforts to the Lord, but consecrating them. That means that we don't only do the things we know we should do because it's our duty, but that it is a pleasure. At first, leaving to come on a mission felt like a sacrifice, but I know it is a blessing. I found a common theme in all of your letters this week, and so I decided I would answer you all together, and that is that I am so glad you are all recieving blessings from this service. It isn't just something I feel like is my duty to do, but now it's my 'duty with a heart full of song.' It's a pleasure even when there's pain. Toes, sad people, rejection... the list could go on, but it doesn't really matter, becuase this is where He wants me to be, and I am His. So there is nothing else I could be happier to do right now. 
Do I love every second? Yes. Is it fun every second? No, hardly ever. I don't really feel like jumping for joy when someone yells, or doesn't want to listen, or tells us ´what we Mormons believe,´ but that has come to matter less and less, because why would it be easy for Christ´s missionaries, when it was never easy for Him?
There, Dad. That was more than two sentences. I am so glad you are recieving blessings. You are the best part of my life. I love you! 
Hermana Coray

Friday, October 10, 2014

Operation Sausages, October 6, 2014

 Sara has the cutest little dancer toes, we affectionately call them sausages, cause that's what they look like.  So she had to get more work done on her toenails this week on P day, so she didn't have much time left to let us know anything else about her week.   I know she recently had a zone conference because there are many pictures posted on the mission web site at  After our family prayer recently Robert said," I wonder how many prayers we have said asking to bless Sara's feet."  but please pray for Sara's feet to heal well so she can get out and visit the people she wants to meet.  Here are two short little notes she sent us.

Well, I'm just chillin here in the mission office because they finished operation sausages. The shots kill, but the rest isn-t ever that bad. Everything went great! Conference was awesome! Don-t have more time but Ill talk to you next week!
Sister Coray
And our family just got home from a vacation to Disney World in Florida. 
Dear family,
I hope you guys still had so much fun! Hahahaha I can picture your jabbing fights and falling into the bushes. Og my gosh... it will never change, and I hope it never does! I heard about Taysom... what are we gonna do with BYU... 

Conference was awesome! We got to watch it all, and in English too! My favorite sessions were the Saturday ones. They were all so amazing. I like the young Elder from the 70 Saturday Afternoon. It was awesome. 

Yes, I am sitting here in the mission office, because we just did the surgery and everything went well. I made my companion video it haha. So I can show you when I get home! It's too big to send. 

We'll be in the apartment for 3 days waiting for my toes to heal a little, and then just like before work up slowly to working full days. They healed so well last time, so Im not expecting any trouble this time around. 

Love you so much! Everything is going great. I am so grateful that we live in a place where listening to the prophet is important... because it is! Emmanuel is doing great, and hopefully will be baptized this weekend!
Love, Sara

The Things They Can't Ask For, September 29, 2014

So Humberto's baptism and confirmation were wonderful! They are such a cute little family, and yesterday he showed up at church with a suit and tie and everything. They are an amazing family that will go to the temple. ONE YEAR! Also, We have Emmanuel that was a miracle these past two weeks. He was just a contact that has been coming to church for two weeks now. The day we found him walking in the street, he told one of our members he was in a very very very sad place, and because we talked to him he came to church. He came to church before the bishop even got there yesterday. He will be baptized in two weeks it looks like! We have also seen so many miracles in our ward. People are starting to really try to do home and visiting teaching, and are realizing slowly (baby baby steps) that it takes everyone's effort. We had so many people at church (for Chile) that it was amazing. So thank you for your prayers. They work, in case you were wondering.

Also, thank you Adri for giving me a lot of practice with love bites. I got bit by a dog for the first time this week, but it's teeth didn't even break the first layer of skin. Gotta love the armor of angels that I've got. In my long list of bodily afflictions in my life, there is another thing I can check off my list. (It's like another little thing you can check off your list! Check! Life as we know it). 
My toes... I told the doctor to do both sides of both toes... did he listen? Of course not. It looks like we might have to do the other side of both nails. Im not worried. The sides he fixed are doing great. I just wish we would have done it all at once. Pray that he won't play pattycake with his needle and my foot this time.
But, more than anything I learned this week that the most important things we can do to serve people are the things they can't ask for. Like a nice written note, or saying I love you, or texting them to go with you to eat ice cream, or go to church, or an activity, or spending time with them. There is so much that we can do for others, even when we don't know exactly what they need. It's always the little things they can't ask for that they need the most.

Love you so much!

I also used the My Big Fat Greek Wedding quote about the head and the neck with a less active member this week to help her learn that she could help encourage her husband to come back to church. Hahaha. Movie quotes people... they-re important. 
Love you All!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liv, just remember that Ben took ME to Senior Prom. hahahaha. One Tree Hill replay!!!!!!!!!!
Em, I am praying for you and love you so much. Everything will be ok!
Peach and blessings
Sister Coray


Lisbet, their daughter with the CTR right I gave her:)
Us with Humberto
The bishop and his family
Lots of peeps

Be a Friend!

We heard from Sara last week while we were on vacation, but I didn't get to post her letters.  So here's the update from  September 29, 2014
Julie:I had asked Sara if she and her cousin Amanda are able to keep in touch while on their missions. They both have had quite a time getting started... Sara's feet, Amanda breaking her arm...etc.  here is her reply:
Sara: I hear from Amanda, yes. And we are obviously both still our true selves being missionaries. But we did warn the Lord before we left that we might still be the beautiful messes that we are. Hahaha.}

Julie:  Then I told her about some new friends Steven and Jared have made.  Sara's reply is a good reminder to us all to watch out for one another.
Sara:   That warms my heart so much to hear about the boys helping these new families. Just think of how much it would mean if one of your sons was in that situation, and all you could do was pray that there was another nice young boy like Steven to come along and be his friend. Because as a mom, there really isn't anything you can do to make your child have friends. It depends completely on the decisions of other people. So please don't let the boys stop helping them! More than anything, if there was one thing I could change about this place, I would wish that the members would invite ONE person before every meeting or activity. Friendship is missionary work. And firendship is charity, and we all know that charity is the pure love of Christ. 'no greater love hath man than this, than he lay down his life for his friends.' Laying down your life doesn't have to mean dying for someone, because Christ didn't just die for us - He LIVES for us. So our lives have to be our sacrifice. Turning out to help others when it would be so easy to turn inward.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Reason we Have Nieces: Sometimes you Need Angels When you Have Surgeries in Foreign Countries September 22, 2014

So I found out that Sara didn't write a letter for the blog last week because their computer service went down during her computer time.  Here are some great pictures I received from Kathy on Facebook.  She is a great friend to the sister missionaries in their ward in Ranaca Alto.  The first ones are from a ward party celebrating Chilean Independence Day. The last three are Sara and Sister Etchagaray  last week when they had Sunday dinner with Kathy Munoz and her family.

Friends and Family,
So EVERYONE and their dog knows about the feet situation. Thank you for nothing, sisterly circle of trust. You both broke that one. But yes, when I was sitting there on the kitchen table of the mission office, having flashbacks to all the little cat surgeries, Dave Jackson´s hand, when I fell in the cactus, when I fell down the hill, shot in the hand (ok Im going to stop listing the amount of home-proceedures I´ve had. Or Ill be here all day). Anyways, one of the missionaries brought me a letter from Adee, and I had been so worried that I was going to have to sit there and watch the whole thing, but my companion opened up the letter, and I just sat there and held those adorable little scribbles she sent me in front of my face so I didn't have to watch. WE NEVER GET MAIL OTHER THAN ZONE CONFERENCE. So that was my little miracle. But that day, it was a very big deal for me "it´s a VERY big deal ALBERT!"
      We had a miracle at church yesterday too! Hunberto announced in Sunday School that he recieved his answer (he's the dad of the two little boys who were baptized) and that he wants to be baptized this Saturday! It was so great to see how happy he was. 
      Also, I have been studying the attributes of Christ, and I highly recommend everyone studying those 9 attributes in Preach my Gospel, and making a goal to try to apply one everyday. Like something specific you can do or say or how to act.
      I love you all very much. My toes are feeling so much better. I don't even notice them now. I promise. I am getting more accustomed to everything, and working well with Hna. Etchegaray. 
      Our zone conference was amazing. We talked about how powerful faith is, and also the changes from the first presidency that we have to teach all five lessons before baptism now, and that we have to keep in contact with every one of our converts each month for at least a year. Even while we're on our mission. They are putting a lot of trust in us to help with retention of new members. 
      I am so excited for General Conference! I can't even put in words. 
      I love you love you. Pray for Hunberto, and also for Bryan and Jenny that they can come to church consistently so that they can be baptized. Your prayers are working. We are seeing miracles, and even though it is pretty rough some days when no one wants to listen or change, I am finding people to love.
      Have a wonderful week!

      Love, Sister Coray

Also, I need someone to look up the part of A Christmas Carol of the names of the creepy little children that are named "ignorance and want" or something like that. What does he say about them at that part? Thanks!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Toes alias "Tootsies" September 15, 2014

Sara didn't have time to write a blog letter today so here are a few excerpts from the letter she wrote to me. She answered a lot of my questions about her daily life.

Yes, the toes are a struggle, but don't worry. I am being smart and taking good care of them. I am so glad I've had all that training from Ron. And yes, our Ward Mission Leader is very active. They are great!

The language isn't really hard at all now. It's mostly just dealing with a culture that is so stinkin different and laid back. Today I finally didn't have to wear any jacket! Happy day. P-days we don't have time to do anything. We clean, buy stuff we need, write home, and go back home to prep whatever we need for the rest of the week for like an hour. And there really isn't anything we could do in this area even if we did have time. 
And it doesn't take very long actually for my packages to get here. We just only get mail once every transfer at zone meetings. So if you want me to get it in like less than two months after you send it, send it right after we have our last zone meeting. We just had one the 10th, so we will have one in about six more weeks. You can plan it like that, and that way it won't be sitting in the mission office forever. Because it only takes about 4 weeks for it to arrive to Chile. I hope that made sense.
Thank you so much for your prayers and love. I love you and miss you. Have a great week!
Love, Sara
Here are pictures of "wild life" she passed on her way home from the grocery store and from her toe surgery.  I wonder how many pictures I have of Sara's feet after surgical procedures.  This was one of the more mild ones. She had ingrown toenails removed last week.
Sorry, they're kinda gross haha

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday Will Come, September 8,2014

Sara with her new companion Hermana Marina Etchegaray. She is from Argentina. She has three months left in her mission.  she and Sara are complete opposites but have become good friends during their first week together. 

Celebrating Sara's 3 months in to her mission with a yummy breakfast!


Dear Friends and family,
If anyone was under the impression that the world is completely full of missionaries, think again. We need more. So so many more. So that's that.

We have a Zone meeting this week so that will be fun. Mom, will you look to see how much my card was charged? I used it for the first time the other day, so I just need to know that. 

I have like no time, but I would just like to say that no piece of anything I ever learned in my home has been wasted. It is crucial to teach your children. And teach them well. thank you mom and dad. I can't say it enough. Steve, get ready to hit the ground running. 

Everyone should watch the little mormon message from Elder Haight's talk Sunday Will Come. That is the hope I am hanging onto right now. I feel a little bit in the middle of Friday night. This morning I read Alma 31:31-38 and was crying at how similar I feel right now. It will all be ok. Sunday will come. 
I love you all so much. We need prayers for Hunberto, Bryan, Jenny, Juan, and everyone else. and lots of prayers for soft hearts. 

Sister Coray

Monday, August 25, 2014

Took a Little Tumble off the Cliff

First of all, everything is fine. Second of all, I cant believe no one heard about a stinking 7 point something earthquake in the city where your daughter, sister, friend, etc. is serving.

But yes, we had a huge earthquake, and it felt a little bit like that part on Sword in the Stone where Merlin's tower is rocking all over the place, because we were at the top of the Reñaca hill, having a lesson with an investigator, and everything just started to shake (obviously). You guys didn't even have to be there! Watch that part of Sword in the Stone and you will have the clearest image possible haha. My companion started freaking out, because she's kind of dramatic (I realize that's the pot calling the kettle black, but it's true). And I was just really calm. It reminded me of tornadoes in Illinois. So I was just trying to calm down my companion... didnt really work... but whatever. And after that we just finished our lesson and stepped out into the torrential rain storm. The hill was pretty much a mudslide, so we just went as quick as we could to a member's house, where we experienced yet another earthquake. But it was really cool. It was kind of like... yes, we may possibly die right here in this little rickity shack on the side of this hill, but worrying isn't going to make it better. So I just sat and waited haha. And prayed out loud. There were a few more little earthquakes during the night too. 

It's very reassurring to know that you guys have actually no way of knowing if there has been some sort of disaster... so that's nice to know... not. 

But we had another baptism yesterday! Diana is so wonderful:) It was so beautiful. Latinos can't sing, and so they think my voice is amazing, so once again I was the musical number... how fantastic. We are trying very hard to help Bryan and Jenny realize the changes they need to make in their lives in order to be baptized. They know all the lessons forward and back... they can pretty much teach us. But it is hard for them to realize that they actually have to apply the stuff the Spirit is teaching them. 

Oh, if you want to know what it is like to scale the Reñaca hill up and down all day in mud, watch the other part of Sword in the Stone where the poor little wolf is about die from chasing after Arthur. Once again, you didn't even have to be there. Now you can all now. 

My companion left, so Im working back and forth with another sister between our two areas, and Wednesday I will have my new companion! 

I absolutely love to study my scriptures, like always, and it is getting easier little by VERY little to understand this language they pretend is Spanish. 

I am a little worried about staying here to work without my other companion, because she had been here for 9 months, and so all the members absolutely loved her, and I just hope that stays when Im here with someone else. But that's the normal missionary life I guess. Everything will be good. 

I love you all so much! 


Sister Coray
p.s. I watched a dog get pummled by a car. I cried, even though I have decided I am never owning a dog for the rest of my life. Ever. Or a cat.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Little White Girl, do You Have your Sun Block?

I really wish that the question I heard most often was "When can I be baptized?" or "When can I come with you and your companion to an appointment?" But... usually, people are more concerned about my skin than the gospel haha. And so, I hear, a lot, "blanquita, tiene su block?" hahaha.

This week Ricardo and Sebastian were confirmed, and Ricardo recieved the priesthood, so that was awesome! It looks like their dad probably doesn't want to be baptized this week, so we are a little sad. That has happened with several of our other investigators too. But it's all gonna be ok. 

If anyone has any good ideas for ward missionary activities lemme know. 

The culture here is very respectful, but very relaxed. So there's the whole struggle with having to have a time schedule... let alone staying with the time schedule.

We eat luch with the members, and it is pretty formal, regardless of who's house your in. They serve different courses, and always on nice dishes, and it is kind of like one big tea party. Thank heavens I haven't had to eat a hot dog with mayonnaise or beans or gooby cheese yet. It is a lot of cilantro, tomatoes, meat, salad, soup, rice, and caffeine free coffee haha. 

Also, we have five neighborhood cows. They dont belong to anyone... they just roam free. 

Also, we are like the only mission in the world that goes to bed at 11 and wakes up at 7. So that's cool.

A few of our progressing investigators are not progressing anymore, just for lack of committing to things. That same laid back cultural thing kicks in and no one really feels like waking up to go to church, or reading their scriptures, or really anything. 

But there are still lots of blessings everyday. 

Pray for me and my companion as she gets ready to leave. Im probably going to stay here, and our sector is so huge......... soooooo huge. I wish I could remember every street and every name, but that just isnt going to happen yet I dont think. Guess we're gonna find out. 

Love you

Sister Coray

Monday, August 11, 2014

"But what if there is no tomorrow?!​?!?! There wasn't one today!!!!"

So even though I have this planner that has the date written on every page, I can't ever remember the day or the date. Also, every day is kind of a blur, and so it is hard to tell if time is actually moving, and usually it just feels like I'm living the same day over and over and over and over, (got it ;)) haha. But not in an awful way... mostly it's just a little disorienting. So I made this calender (fam, see video) to help with the time warp struggle. So if anyone has anything to contribute for exciting days that are coming up, I would happily add them to my calendar.

OUR BAPTISMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the coolest thing. The water was freezing cold, but my precious little Ricardo and Sebastian are baptized now! I am so happy for them. Their dad came to church with the rest of their family yesterday, and that was super exciting too.
I'm not sure how detailed you guys want to know all my stuff, but here's a list of the people we are working with right now:)
Hunberto - Dad Fernandez, loves the gospel, is really having trouble getting work off, but wants to get baptized the 24th.
Dianna - her mom is an aethiest, but her dad is awesome, and she is going to be baptized the 23rd hopefully. She is an angel, 15 years old, and so amazing. 
Carlos - super old, and has a phobia of leaving his house, Jehovas Witness, but really receptive. Wants to be baptized, but, once again, has a phobia of leaving his house and his daughter at home (really, his daughter is his cat, but we dont tell him that)

There are others, but those are our focuses! Pray for Beatrice and her family, and Caroline and her family! We are trying to baptize families, and trying to build branches and wards. 

Love you all! 

these are pictures of the baptisms and yesterday was the day of ninos so Hno Marcelo made us these little cakes!

 Heating water in the microwave to try to warm up the font.
 Adding warm water to the freezing cold water in the baptismal font.

 little sister? Hermana Carias, Ricardo & Sebastian, Sara

Saturday, August 9, 2014


These are pictures of Sara and Sister Sanford  traveling from Mexico City to Chile.

First look at the mountains of Chile!

First look at the City of Vina!

Sara at the CCM with Algie Brown's sister, Hermana Brown

Take into Considerat​ion: Street Without Rocks

So obviously there are dogs everywhere, but we haven't had any problems. I just do what Brycen told me, and if there's a creepy one we reach down to pick up a rock and they leave. Anyways, last night we were walking to an appointment, and on our way we saw some creepy dogs that were barking, and when my companion bent down to pick up a rock, I had the thought to actually pick up some rocks. But the dogs went away, and so I was going to drop them. I had the thought to stick them in my pocket, so I rolled my eyes and felt like a pack-rat and stuck them in my coat. After our appointment it was dark, but a super clean and safe part of town (no rocks on this road), and so we were just heading back to our house, and we saw two "Serious Black" dogs, and I looked around for a rock, and there weren't any on the ground, and I remembered the two that I had in my pocket. The dogs started freaking out, and my companion was afraid, so I fumbled around in my pocket for the rocks and chucked them as hard as I could. They kind of just started attacking each other when the rocks hit them (yes, the rocks actually hit them haha. Two points for me), and we passed by them while they were distracted. Haha Im sure I looked ridiculous, but also I kind of felt like David and Goliath. 
Two months today! 
This week we are preparing two boys in the Fernandez family to be baptized this next Sunday. They are so great, and their dad is also excited to be baptized someday very soon also. 
Last night we had a lesson with a less active family that we're trying to help prepare to go to the temple, and it was hard to keep my voice from shaking talking about temples. You are all the reasons I am here, and that's what I told this cute little family. The spirit was so strong, but not the dense, Elder Holland kind of strong. Just very happy and clear. 
I just thought about how grateful I am to have a family where we are used to praying, and telling each other I love you. I am so grateful for mom's voice everyday before we left for school to listen to the spirit and be a good helper. That is still my job every day on my mission. I think of how dad has always come home from the hospital, and even if he's dead-tired, he played with us or goes outside and keeps working with our family. That's how the work is here too... 
Some days I feel like Im still on day one, and Im never going to get to week 79, but I know I will get to the end and wish I didnt have to leave. Little by little I am loving it more here, and it happens as I find a person here and there to love and help. It is hard to think about everyone else all the time, because usually we arent used to that, but that is becoming more of a habit too. 
The little sign that hangs in grandma's house that says "eat a live toad every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day" is extremely accurate. But the work is great! Im so glad to be here working!

Love you all so very much. 
Sister Coray

Mission Home address for mail
Sister Sara Marie Coray
Chile, Viña del Mar Mission
4 Norte 1112
Casilla 631
Viña del Mar, Valparaiso Chile

Monday, July 28, 2014

So much to do, so little time, July 28, 2014

This is gonna be short. Sorry bout it. There is just absolutely no way to have time, or be able to sum up how it is and everything that Im doing. So, Ill try a little:

Food: good, lunch with members, and 
Companion: Guatemala, Hna. Carias, awesome, convert, last transfer here, just recieved news that she will be staying till the end of the change, hallelujah
Investigators with potential: Family with mom member, dad and kids no, hopefully baptism in three weeks, dad has work on Sundays so cant go to church, thats the problem, but I love them.
Other investigators: hard to keep committments or accept doctrine, we are in the process of looking for new investigators too, which means a ton of walking because our area is huge and has a billion hills.
Language: coming, they change their words sometimes according to my size, so I never know if they´re using real words that I can use too, or if its just for me. haha. I teach about a third of the time in our lessons, which is awesome, it is just hard to understand them.
Apartment: Good, far away from everything we need to do
Feet: good
Dogs: everywhere
Fleas: none
Weather: kinda cold, but I'm warm
Ward: long story... they´re good, we need active ward missionaries haha

How I feel? Im in super-plan mode. 

Love you all so much! I know that´s super boring... you were warned. 

Oh! Everyone is excited that we can now have English classes that I'm going to teach twice a week, and investigators, less actives, and everyone else is really excited for that. First one tomorrow!

It´s nice to know that I´m in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. It is very hard to know exactly how to do those things, and to have patience with myself while I learn to do new things. The planning and studying is awesome, and of course, Ive been used to that for my whole life. The hard part is working with other people in a language that I can speak but can´t understand, and trying to coordinate with other people. Sometimes members or presidencies just look at me like I'm supposed to be a gift sent from above to give them all the answers, but when it comes to putting plans into action my companion and I can´t do everything ourselves, and we definitely cannot cover the entire area evrey day to check up on ward missionaries, less actives, recent converts, new investigators, and investigators. So, we have a great plan this week for waking up the members to help us help the people in their ward, so that we can then help build the branch with new members, while they are working hard to maintain and care for the members that are already members. Visiting teaching and home teaching is important, people. Do it. 

Sorry that was just kind of boring info... but Im ready to go, and trying to adjust to love something else as much as or more than I love all of you. Everyone always wants to see my family, so I show them the Family Proclamation Book that mom made. When I see how much they love you, it makes me love you more. 

Also, dont judge these pics. I was sleep deprived for two days in most of them. The first one is for Jennah, and the second one is with Algie Brown´s sister. She is such an angel. 
Hermana Coray

Monday, July 21, 2014

Im Laboring in the Vineyard, and I already have a Tree

This is Sara's first letter from Chile!!!! July 21, 2014

It is beautiful here. There are dogs EVERYWHERE.
Me and my companion live in a cute little apartment. Her name is Hna. Carias from Guatemala. She is awesome! This is her last transfer though... Mom asked me about a thousand questions, and I cant remember what they are, so Ill just tell you random stuff. Theres a lot of work to do with reactivation in Rañaca Alto (my area). Everyone says I have good Spanish, but I cant understand a THING people are saying to me. They are all so excited that Im from America, and so they get excited and talk even faster than normal, and I dont even see their lips move.... So... pray more for interpretation of tongues maybe. hahahah.
Like I was saying, everyone loves that I have such light skin, and the other day we were contacting in the market, and this nice man ran up to me and was very excited... he gave me a little tree. I didnt know what to do with it. I just carried it around until we got back to the church, and then gave it to a girl in the ward to keep. Hahaha.
Sorry I sounded so serious on the phone! I was tired and just couldnt hear you haha.
My interview with the President and meeting him and his wife and family was wonderful. One of the first things he said was ,"Welcome Sister Coray, we have been waiting for you for a very very long time." I know he wasn't just talking about the past six months... haha.
I have to learn Spanish very quickly, because most likely, I will stay here when Hna. Carias leaves in 5 weeks, and so I have to know the area very well and know who these people are!
Our ward mission leader and his family are awesome, and so great to work with. Its hard to get ward members to come to meetings sometimes, but we're working on it. I hope evryone is doing great! I love and miss you all, but I haven't really even had time to think about any of that since I got here, which is good.
Love you! Being able to upload pictures is a little weird, so Ill try to figure that out. Same time next week!
Hna. Coray

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Arrival of Hermana Coray

Last message Sara sent Monday, July 14 around 2:00 in the afternoon from the CCM:
Also, I will call around 9 o-clock, and Ill just call the house phone. If you don't hear from me, dont freak out. The call card might just not be working or something, or sometimes the payphones are weird. 
Dad, did my teacher, Hna. Vidrio message you on Facebook? She was going to try to get you guys to send her a video so I could see it before I left. So don't think it's some weirdy trying to get a hold of you haha. I love you all very much, and miss you everyday. Keep me (and my luggage) in your prayers as I travel and get to a new place. 
I have also heard from very reliable sources that as soon as we get to Viña and take a group picture by the clock tower, we immediately have to go place a Book of Mormon, and get a contact. Before we even get our trainer. So, pray for me with that too. Ill mostly just smile and act excited until they take the Book haha. Oh, and they just give us the address of the mission home and we have to find our way there. Ill still be with Hna. Sanford, so we'll keep each other safe and get the job done. 
Remember, no news is good news. Lots of prayers, please. Lovin you lots and lots! See you soon!
The Phone Call-Monday
We set up Skype with Jennah and Greg and Adri and waited for the phone to ring.  By 9:35pm I thought the calling card must not be working like she had said may happen.  Then the phone rang! We each took turns telling her about our day and wishing her luck.  Go love those people!!!! It was short and sweet and then the phone cut off... sad.  But it was so fun to hear her!
The Flight-Tuesday
There is a great app on my phone through KYAK where you can track any flight around the world.  A few times when I woke up in the night I checked to see the status of her plane flying across the ocean from Mexico city to Chile.  I hope she got more rest than I did. 
No News-Tuesday, Wednesday? Thursday!
So we kinda expected an email saying she arrived. Tuesday came and went, no news.  But we felt peaceful telling us all was well. Wednesday came and went, no news.... hmmmm starting to wonder, still peaceful. I woke up early Thursday morning at 5:00 am just as this email and picture arrived.  I smiled, said a little prayer, again and went back to sleep peacefully.
The Clock Tower!!!! Finally Thursday morning I received this message:
Dear family,
Your daughter is now with us in the mission field and she is ok, we are grateful to have her here.
 This is a picture of her.

Elder Call
Secretario Ejecutivo
Misión Chile Viña del Mar
4 Norte 1112 | 68315332

July 14, 2014 Hermana Vidrio sending off District 5-C

Hermana Vidrio is one of the Spanish teachers at the CCM.  She really enjoyed district 5-C.  She sent pictures and videos to all the moms with this little message:

Here are more pictures and videos, I hope you all enjoy it.
Sisters, thanks for example to your sons and daughters (Alma 53:20-21, 56:47-48, Alma 57: 21, 26-27) they are this for you, thanks for your work and support them and send them to help and work WITH the Lord in His work.
I really love your children, they taught me too ... (a lot!! seriously)
I know that you may no need my help anymore but I want you to know that if I can help you in something I love to do it again.

on my new district, Two missionary'll also go to Chile Viña del Mar in six weeks, if you want to send more videos, I can copy them to a CD and send their children with them ;)
With LOVE:
Hermana Indhira Vidrio