Monday, September 15, 2014

Toes alias "Tootsies" September 15, 2014

Sara didn't have time to write a blog letter today so here are a few excerpts from the letter she wrote to me. She answered a lot of my questions about her daily life.

Yes, the toes are a struggle, but don't worry. I am being smart and taking good care of them. I am so glad I've had all that training from Ron. And yes, our Ward Mission Leader is very active. They are great!

The language isn't really hard at all now. It's mostly just dealing with a culture that is so stinkin different and laid back. Today I finally didn't have to wear any jacket! Happy day. P-days we don't have time to do anything. We clean, buy stuff we need, write home, and go back home to prep whatever we need for the rest of the week for like an hour. And there really isn't anything we could do in this area even if we did have time. 
And it doesn't take very long actually for my packages to get here. We just only get mail once every transfer at zone meetings. So if you want me to get it in like less than two months after you send it, send it right after we have our last zone meeting. We just had one the 10th, so we will have one in about six more weeks. You can plan it like that, and that way it won't be sitting in the mission office forever. Because it only takes about 4 weeks for it to arrive to Chile. I hope that made sense.
Thank you so much for your prayers and love. I love you and miss you. Have a great week!
Love, Sara
Here are pictures of "wild life" she passed on her way home from the grocery store and from her toe surgery.  I wonder how many pictures I have of Sara's feet after surgical procedures.  This was one of the more mild ones. She had ingrown toenails removed last week.
Sorry, they're kinda gross haha

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