Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday Will Come, September 8,2014

Sara with her new companion Hermana Marina Etchegaray. She is from Argentina. She has three months left in her mission.  she and Sara are complete opposites but have become good friends during their first week together. 

Celebrating Sara's 3 months in to her mission with a yummy breakfast!


Dear Friends and family,
If anyone was under the impression that the world is completely full of missionaries, think again. We need more. So so many more. So that's that.

We have a Zone meeting this week so that will be fun. Mom, will you look to see how much my card was charged? I used it for the first time the other day, so I just need to know that. 

I have like no time, but I would just like to say that no piece of anything I ever learned in my home has been wasted. It is crucial to teach your children. And teach them well. thank you mom and dad. I can't say it enough. Steve, get ready to hit the ground running. 

Everyone should watch the little mormon message from Elder Haight's talk Sunday Will Come. That is the hope I am hanging onto right now. I feel a little bit in the middle of Friday night. This morning I read Alma 31:31-38 and was crying at how similar I feel right now. It will all be ok. Sunday will come. 
I love you all so much. We need prayers for Hunberto, Bryan, Jenny, Juan, and everyone else. and lots of prayers for soft hearts. 

Sister Coray

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