Monday, July 13, 2015

Happily Ever After

I have heard so many different points of view and stories and events from the wedding that I'm sure I'll never know quite how it was hahahahaha. But it looks so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that our heavenly family just got bigger! That is so exciting. I am so grateful to you all.
Being a missionary makes the whole vision of my life change and get clearer. Some days it's a little out of focus, but that's when faith comes in. I am so grateful to be a missionary, because I am learning how to be a blessing to others. I thought I knew how to serve and help before... that wasn't even the half of it. Haha get ready if you can. I can't believe how I was going through life with blinders on my eyes. I'm sure it doesn't seem like that to all of you, because everyone always sees me as open-minded and driven, and a little over-excited sometimes haha. But now I know how all of those gifts can be a blessing to more than just me. To more than just us. I am so excited to live the rest of my life, because now I'm learning how to live it. I see what the Lord wants me to do, and I am learning to have enough faith to not be scared to do whatever He tells me. It's a process, obviously. So be ready!!!!!!!!! Be ready... hahaha
Manuel is getting baptized next Sunday! We are soooooooooo excited for him. He is going to be such a strong addition to this ward, and we love seeing how much he loves the commandments. He is so teachable, and just loves to learn. We'll send pictures! 
Our ward mission leader is so great! He is the sweetest, most willing person I have ever met. He is so level-headed and great at making people motivated and feel loved. 
I love ward council! Haha I can see dad rolling his eyes (you say that now because you don't have anything else to think about). But it's true! I love being in this ward with good leaders, and we have a lot of potential if we can pull it together and coordinate and we just need to keep helping them be excited! There are so many returned missionaries, and it is so great to learn from them. I am learning so much about leadership and service, and how simple it is to make a difference. There is no other way the Lord could have taught me all of this. It's like Miss Frizzle taking her class on "field trips," they actually go and see and put it into practice. That's what it's like being a missionary. You see all the wiring and structure and ins and outs of the Lord's church. There is no way any one else came up with this haha. Because if it weren't the Lord's church, some things just wouldn't make sense. 
I am so gratefu lfor the Restoration of the gospel. I would like to assign you all your fmaily home evening lesson for today or next week. Read or watch President Uchtdorf's talk "Don't Sleep through the Restoration." It's great! Even though it's from Priesthood, I think it's a pretty important principle for everyone. 
We're trying to find more new people! I have learned that it really just depends on the individual's desire for if they want the Lord to soften their heart. Our agency is the most important. 
I love you all! Have a fantastic week! Happy ever after!
Hermana Coray


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