Monday, June 29, 2015

My bark was worse than his bite

I got all the packages! I think we'll get mail next Wednesday:) So don't worry about letters:) I will get them too.

We have been able to find a couple of our new investigators this week again haha, and Manuel is especially great. I know he will accept the gospel! 

Friday we were contacting, and we saw one of our investigators, and so I turned around to go talk to him, stepped on a dog's tail, and he whipped around and snarled so loud! I knew what was coming... he jumped out and bit me on my thigh, and it hurt sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. I screamed (obviously... who are we talking about. but only one high little shreak. Just enough to make EVERYONE look at me.) I thought for sure he had bitten out a chunk of my leg, because he was huge and it killed, but it was so amazing... his teeth didn't go through my garments... He left huge dark streak marks on my leg, and it immediately started turning purple, but his teeth didn't tough my skin at all. MIRACLES:):):):) I'll send pictures. 

We are planning a bunch of ward activities for these next few weeks! It is so gratifying to see the ward getting more and more excited to invite friends and less actives, and yesterday at church so many less actives came!!!!!!!!!! We were so happy. 

Our new ward mission leader is so great, and we are confident that the Lord is wroking lots of miracles here:) We see them every day in small and simple things. It's a LOT of contacting. 

Yesterday we went to the devotional in the Stake Center for President and Sister Kähnlein´s farewell, and it was beautiful. I can't believe they're leaving... so sad! They leave Wednesday, and the same day President and Sister Diaz get here. Ah! So many changes. It will be great. That's one of the things I love about being a missionary. I have come to love surprises and changes. 

I am so excited for all your wedding plans and everything! Good job holding down the fort in my absence haha. I am so proud of all of you, and I love you so much. 

Make sure you are always helping uplift and strengthen new and less-active members. Invite them over or take little notes, or give service wll you can. Time is short. 

Remember! The Lord knows what He's doing! When the going gets tough, pray and remember that it's all for a reason. 

Love Hermana Coray

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