Monday, November 24, 2014

I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT IM FEELIN 22!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!​!!!

Happy birthday to me... i know. thank you ALL for the happy birthday wishes. So I'm training................................. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. How do these things always happen to me. I felt like such a newb the first two days. It was kind of just, "ok, we're going to go out and walk around now, and the spirit will tell me what to do... hopefully i have enough faith for that."}
And it worked! We teach people still, everyone is alive and breathing and getting ready to be baptized. My three goals as a missionary: alive, breathing, baptized. 
Yes, my companion sang happy birthday, and yes, mother, we are using the extravagant box of birthday happiness for a great FHE tonight. i have recieved all the Birthday, Thanksgiving, christmas goodness i can stand i think... and I'm guessing there's still more on the way. Well, I love to give people stuff, so don't be expecting for all of this to make it back home. :) The clothes, i keep, the food i eat, and the rest we use to make other people happy. I love the big loving hand banner thing you sent me. thank you:) 
No, they don't celebrate thanksgiving, but that's ok! I just make them all be grateful anyways. 
Dad wins the crying contest for writing the most sentimental birthday email. hahahahaha. I love crying in public.... 
The huge family is great, but half of them don't believe in God, so we're working on that. Michael and Bastian are two nice little teenagers that just need a little shove in the right direction to be brave and start living the gospel. I've done it before, I can do it again. We had a great primary program yesterday. Very... different... but very good. It was darling. 
Every day I am astonished at how much my Heavenly Father loves me, and everyone else too. Our angency and ability to pick who we want to be is the most important thing we will ever have. We actually really CAN pick exactly who we choose to be. My favorite thing I learned this week was when I realized that a point comes where it isn't enough to just read "Book of Mormon stories," but we have to start living them. I pick Moroni. Go ahead and read Alma 43 - 60ish, and you will find that he is a weeve. We are pretty much the same person, and I think that's great. 
Happy happy thanksgiving! And happy my birthday!

One more thing...... yes, my companion is awesome. She is from Mexico! Only 19 years old:)
The weather is amazing, and when we walk to the top of the hill it takes my breath away to see the gorgeous ocean. The dogs are fine:) so ugly... 

It will be nice to be here in this same area for Christmas since i'm already used to it:) But after that I think I will be transfered. Transfers are January 1st or December 31st. 
Everyone should listen to the cute choir that sang in the Women's session of conference, the I Know that my savior Loves Me, song. I love it. 
And this video too:)

Have a fantastic week! I love you! Pray for softer hearts............
Sister Coray

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