Monday, November 17, 2014

You Need a Mother VERY BADLY, November 17,2014

I feel so blessed this week because we had an awesome opportunity to serve an inactive family. There are so many... I will have to describe the details of everything that they needed in their little home, but when we were sitting in their house teaching, the mom was just so overwhelmed with everything in her life, and especially that none of her kids help her work in her house. I felt such an immense feeling of gratitude in my hear to have had parents that taught me how to work. I will ALWAYS be so grateful for that. My companion and I jumped up and started helping her, and in an hour or so we had the house looking the best it has looked probably since they built it. 
I heard the little voice from HOOK "you need a mother VERY BADLY" and just kinda got to work. They can actually find their kitchen sink now. I'm just here in Chile being a mom for thousands of "lost boys."
This world needs so much more love and help, and so many people are willing to sit and critisize (I can't remember how to spell that) that everyone needs to do so much more, but there is also so much to be thankful for. And so much we can do to help. 
Remember at this time to celebrate how much we have that the most important thing I have is you all sitting around the table. And we're only happy because we all live the gospel. Not to get all teary and preachy, but seriously, that's the only difference between our family and the family of maaaaany other people. We remember which way we look... up. Because He really does give us all we need. And why wouldn't He? He loves us so much. And I love the Lord even more every day. I stand so aware of how simple life is. It only gets complicated in our head. We just have to learn to love the Lord enough to always obey and wait on Him, and the rest is already paid for. 
My greatest blessing is you, and it's the blessing that will always last. So I feel like that's a pretty good deal. 
I'll let you all know Monday who my comp is! Pray! 
Mom!!!!!!!!!! Can you send a pic of my baptism to Kathy please? Thanks!
Also, a new little notice that we can only respond once to each email that we get. So we can't talk back and forth during internet time. You can write me, I'll read and respond, and you can write me back for me to read it if you want:) but I won't respond until the next week. 
Love, Sister Coray!
Here are a few notes from Sara's letter to me about: Goodbye to Hermana Echegaray and growing on my mission!!!!!
Hi Mommy,  I told Sister Echegaray that she is always welcome in my home forever, and yes she has facebook. Her name is Marina Ivon Etchegaray. I´m sure there aren't many of those haha. 

(If you saw the pictures on Facebook of Sunday dinner with the Munoz family, you may have noticed the artwork.  Kind of funny)
We realized after that we always stand in front of that painting... hahaha we all laughed, but didn't want to go back and do them again. We'll do it different next time. "IT'S ART!" Brother Guerrero told me. haha. 
Sister Etchegaray went to the mission home today and will get home tomorrow, so I am with sister Mariscal (who is soooooooo awesome, she's a sister training leader) until 5:00 wednesday. And yes, I think I will be training someone in my area and stay here for six more weeks. 
I am excited to see how transfers go! Love you! I am loving this mommy:) It's so hard sometimes, but I just knew that I would become who the Lord was waiting for me to be, and I feel it happening.

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