Monday, August 11, 2014

"But what if there is no tomorrow?!​?!?! There wasn't one today!!!!"

So even though I have this planner that has the date written on every page, I can't ever remember the day or the date. Also, every day is kind of a blur, and so it is hard to tell if time is actually moving, and usually it just feels like I'm living the same day over and over and over and over, (got it ;)) haha. But not in an awful way... mostly it's just a little disorienting. So I made this calender (fam, see video) to help with the time warp struggle. So if anyone has anything to contribute for exciting days that are coming up, I would happily add them to my calendar.

OUR BAPTISMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the coolest thing. The water was freezing cold, but my precious little Ricardo and Sebastian are baptized now! I am so happy for them. Their dad came to church with the rest of their family yesterday, and that was super exciting too.
I'm not sure how detailed you guys want to know all my stuff, but here's a list of the people we are working with right now:)
Hunberto - Dad Fernandez, loves the gospel, is really having trouble getting work off, but wants to get baptized the 24th.
Dianna - her mom is an aethiest, but her dad is awesome, and she is going to be baptized the 23rd hopefully. She is an angel, 15 years old, and so amazing. 
Carlos - super old, and has a phobia of leaving his house, Jehovas Witness, but really receptive. Wants to be baptized, but, once again, has a phobia of leaving his house and his daughter at home (really, his daughter is his cat, but we dont tell him that)

There are others, but those are our focuses! Pray for Beatrice and her family, and Caroline and her family! We are trying to baptize families, and trying to build branches and wards. 

Love you all! 

these are pictures of the baptisms and yesterday was the day of ninos so Hno Marcelo made us these little cakes!

 Heating water in the microwave to try to warm up the font.
 Adding warm water to the freezing cold water in the baptismal font.

 little sister? Hermana Carias, Ricardo & Sebastian, Sara

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