Saturday, August 9, 2014

Take into Considerat​ion: Street Without Rocks

So obviously there are dogs everywhere, but we haven't had any problems. I just do what Brycen told me, and if there's a creepy one we reach down to pick up a rock and they leave. Anyways, last night we were walking to an appointment, and on our way we saw some creepy dogs that were barking, and when my companion bent down to pick up a rock, I had the thought to actually pick up some rocks. But the dogs went away, and so I was going to drop them. I had the thought to stick them in my pocket, so I rolled my eyes and felt like a pack-rat and stuck them in my coat. After our appointment it was dark, but a super clean and safe part of town (no rocks on this road), and so we were just heading back to our house, and we saw two "Serious Black" dogs, and I looked around for a rock, and there weren't any on the ground, and I remembered the two that I had in my pocket. The dogs started freaking out, and my companion was afraid, so I fumbled around in my pocket for the rocks and chucked them as hard as I could. They kind of just started attacking each other when the rocks hit them (yes, the rocks actually hit them haha. Two points for me), and we passed by them while they were distracted. Haha Im sure I looked ridiculous, but also I kind of felt like David and Goliath. 
Two months today! 
This week we are preparing two boys in the Fernandez family to be baptized this next Sunday. They are so great, and their dad is also excited to be baptized someday very soon also. 
Last night we had a lesson with a less active family that we're trying to help prepare to go to the temple, and it was hard to keep my voice from shaking talking about temples. You are all the reasons I am here, and that's what I told this cute little family. The spirit was so strong, but not the dense, Elder Holland kind of strong. Just very happy and clear. 
I just thought about how grateful I am to have a family where we are used to praying, and telling each other I love you. I am so grateful for mom's voice everyday before we left for school to listen to the spirit and be a good helper. That is still my job every day on my mission. I think of how dad has always come home from the hospital, and even if he's dead-tired, he played with us or goes outside and keeps working with our family. That's how the work is here too... 
Some days I feel like Im still on day one, and Im never going to get to week 79, but I know I will get to the end and wish I didnt have to leave. Little by little I am loving it more here, and it happens as I find a person here and there to love and help. It is hard to think about everyone else all the time, because usually we arent used to that, but that is becoming more of a habit too. 
The little sign that hangs in grandma's house that says "eat a live toad every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day" is extremely accurate. But the work is great! Im so glad to be here working!

Love you all so very much. 
Sister Coray

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