Monday, August 18, 2014

Little White Girl, do You Have your Sun Block?

I really wish that the question I heard most often was "When can I be baptized?" or "When can I come with you and your companion to an appointment?" But... usually, people are more concerned about my skin than the gospel haha. And so, I hear, a lot, "blanquita, tiene su block?" hahaha.

This week Ricardo and Sebastian were confirmed, and Ricardo recieved the priesthood, so that was awesome! It looks like their dad probably doesn't want to be baptized this week, so we are a little sad. That has happened with several of our other investigators too. But it's all gonna be ok. 

If anyone has any good ideas for ward missionary activities lemme know. 

The culture here is very respectful, but very relaxed. So there's the whole struggle with having to have a time schedule... let alone staying with the time schedule.

We eat luch with the members, and it is pretty formal, regardless of who's house your in. They serve different courses, and always on nice dishes, and it is kind of like one big tea party. Thank heavens I haven't had to eat a hot dog with mayonnaise or beans or gooby cheese yet. It is a lot of cilantro, tomatoes, meat, salad, soup, rice, and caffeine free coffee haha. 

Also, we have five neighborhood cows. They dont belong to anyone... they just roam free. 

Also, we are like the only mission in the world that goes to bed at 11 and wakes up at 7. So that's cool.

A few of our progressing investigators are not progressing anymore, just for lack of committing to things. That same laid back cultural thing kicks in and no one really feels like waking up to go to church, or reading their scriptures, or really anything. 

But there are still lots of blessings everyday. 

Pray for me and my companion as she gets ready to leave. Im probably going to stay here, and our sector is so huge......... soooooo huge. I wish I could remember every street and every name, but that just isnt going to happen yet I dont think. Guess we're gonna find out. 

Love you

Sister Coray

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