Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I See My Mother Kneeling, February 9, 2015

Ok, I'm sorry I caused everyone so much alarm... I thought I made
everything sound pretty positive about the toes, but I guess not.
Anyways, I still have my toes and nails and everything intact.
Actually, the doctor was really nice and calm and great. He showed me
this little thing to do with cotton and a toothpick to put under my
nail to help it grow out better. I really think it will help.

We have zone meetings tomorrow! I love them! And also, I'll get the
package you are all so excited for me to recieve. The next day is
transfers, so we'll see what happens! This was Hermana Pau'u's 4th
transfer here, so I'm thinking she'll go and I'll stay. It's funny
that I've had all my companions for one transfer except one... two
transfers. Being my companion must be a trying task, and I guess the
Lord knows it.

This week we had some really great things happen. There are a lot of
youth here that are preparing for missions, and that is so exciting to
see them getting so excited! We went to go find this one inactive
family, and share a message and ask for references, and this Sunday
they came to church! A less-active returned missionary and his cute
little girlfriend and baby came to church too! We have a new
investigator, well, he's not that new, but he just hasn't really
'investigated' much since he's known the missionaries. He's 21, and so
smart, and he came to a ward baptism this week and also siad he will
read the Book of Mormon! His name is Sergio, and he is so wonderful. I
love to hear him pray. You can tell he's really talking to someone.

Also, we were looking for a contact yesterday, and we happened to know
on the wrong door, but she let us right in and started talking about
how much she loved it when she went to 'the Mormon Church!'  She is
older and lives all alone, and I loved to see that the small bit of
contact she has already had with the church has blessed her, and given
her a sweet spirit of understanding. She doesn't have some of the
confusions that maaaaaaaaaaaaany people in Chile have.

We also went to see another endowed inactive member (I'm guessing
you're seeing the pattern of the emphasis they're putting on
re-activating endowed members. It's a great way to find new
investigators! We're hoping....) She is only like 24, and struggling
with many things in life. At the end of our short little message, we
were getting ready to pray. Ilooked at her two little tiny boys, and
the words 'I see my mother kneeling' came into my mind. I saw two
potential misionaries, that need a strong example from their mom. We
kneel down and pray with lots of pèople, but especially as I asked her
if we could kneel down and pray, I felt like it was so important for
those teeny tiny boys to see their mom praying. I helped them kneel
down and fold their cute little arms, and Amado was SOOOOOO cute,
smiling at  his mom so much after she said the prayer. It was
something so small, but extrememly significant.

I love to teach families how to be families. And I feel so blessed
that I was taught how to have successful family relationships. I am so
glad that I learned scripture masteries.... I can even translate them
into Spanish in moments when I need them, even though I haven't
memorized them exactly. There's a reason we need to be educated in how
to progress in the gospel. I am so grateful to be a part of the

I love you all so much! I am recieving EVERY blessing you all pray
for. They come in the exact way that the LORD wants them to come. I
love being a missionary. I love serving like Him so that I can know
Him and be like Him.

Also, Dad, I only sent this to mom's address because this computer is
archaic and only let me send it to one person... weird.

Have a fantastic week! Activate EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And
ALWAYS visit recent converts. They are in a whole new world.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Hermana Coray

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