Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mankind Was My Business, February 2, 2015

First of all, I mom asked me if I was making any friends in Chile, so I thought you might like to meet a few of them. I know they're a little rough around the edges... and everywhere else. But if you don't get too close they don't bite:) And there's one of us with a couple of recent converts too.Oh and the other picture, 'a happy heart and smiling face put sunshine in the darkest place:)'
This week, well, transfer is a little difficult because school is out and everyone is on vacation. It has been harder than ever to help people come to church and keep their committments. Well, it's been hard to find people more than once even. But there are sweet little tender mercies in the middle of it all. IT is hotter than can be, so I wear SPF 50 everyday. The sun is so strong, I think I eed something stronger, because I still got a little burnt on my neck the other day. 
Our ward mission leader has a bunch of apple trees! And he gave us a whole bag the other day, and it was wonderful, because the apples in the supermarket aren't always awsome, but his are soooooooooo good. 
Yesterday as we were sitting in testimony meeting, a recent convert that was visiting from another town (that never happens here. If you're not in our place to go to church, the chances of attending somewhere else are almost nothing). Well, she got up and gave the sweetest, most powerful testimony, and it made me want to work so much harder to find more people like her. She's been a member for two months, and she is more converted and strong and living the gospel than 95% of the members I have met. 
I also hope we realize how important and what a blessing it  is to have a living prophet. And that the prophet and apostles will always lead us right. Those who dont believe or choose not to listen don't have any sort of freedom or benefit from 'choosing their own path,' they just don't get the blessings. Lost of people didn't believe Noah, but that didn't stop it from raining. Pharaoh didn't listen to Moses, but that didn't stop the plagues. Few listened and followed Christ, but that doesn't change the reality that He is the Savior of the world. We need to listen to the prophets. It's a fanatastic choice.
This little town, I know there are people here waiting for me. I pray that they aren't just waiting to listen, but that they're waiting to here the Savior's message and change their lives. We found a cute little couple this week, Ivon and Juan Pablo, and they were so cute about inviting us into their house right away (rare), and listening. They are out of town this week, but we will se them when they get back! I am excited! They are respectful and kind, and I appreciate that so much. We also started teaching the aunt of one of the recent converts, and she has gone through soooooo much in her life. She had her first child when she was fourteen, and I hope we can do an effective job of helping her see that the gospel will help her be happy and safe. 
I love that in this ward we have so many willing ward misisonaries. They come with us a lot, and it is a great blessing. 
Always remember what the first priority is:) The Lord loves us. He really does. Sometimes I have to remind myself of how mindful He must be of me. Because there are times when I walk the roads He walked. The road of disappointment, the road of temptation, or the road of sorrow. I try to depend on Him when I feel like my energy is gone. I guess I really should have a never ending supply if I can learn to rely on Him better. 
February I am focusing on hope. I hope I can see past my natural tendency to be negative or 'realistic,' and realize that Jesus lives in a different reality. That can be mine too if I can just choose to see that way. 
Be missionaries. Be happy. And be believing. I believe in miracles, becasue I believe in YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you are all miracles to me. 
Pray that we can improve. Pray that the Lord will keep custom-making our trials to make us into He wants us to be. Well, who we really are. 
Also, my toenails have grown back in. Yay! they still have the ability to grow! The bad part is, that they grew in in-grown again. So, pray that this proceedure will go well. I have no idea when it will happen. Probably this week, and I think that Hermana Kähnlein is setting it up through the hospital. So, a Chilean. Pray. Just pray. I can be tough. I told you, I'm not coming home unless it's in a box or after 18 months. Whichever comes first haha. 
Pray for my sweet companion, Sister Pau'u. We need a whole lot of prayers this week. :) And that I will be good at focusing even though the toes insist on being a problem.
I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always! Forever and ever y family you'll be!
Hermana Coray
AND.....Remember, mankind is our business:)

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