Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pollyanna, march 30, 2015

So you know the lady on Pollyanny that stays home in bed and says she's sick and doesn't want to talk to anyone. We found someone like that, but you remember the part when Pollyanna doesn't care and she goes and talks to her anyways? And then she ends up softening her heart a little? That happened too! And I know eventually we'll get her to leave her house and go to church with us, because we teach her the gospel and it makes her feel good. But, when we're in her house I always hear the words, 'you've got a stubby little nose.'

This week we made BBQ chicken with Ivonne and Juan Pablo. They're so great! I love them. 

We had an unusual adventure... instead of getting locked outside of a house, we got locked inside of our gate, because it rained, so the lock rusted, and we couldn't get it open. 'Hermana Coray, just hop the fence! Or call your ward mission leader!' yes, I know.... but there's spikes around our fence, and all the members nearby were working and Hno. Gustavo, our ward mission leader was in the south. So.... we decided to just shimmy out through the two gates on our hands and knees, go find someone with motor oil, grease the lock open, buy an new lock, and put it on. We don't take no fo ran answer. Please... there are other people to help, with bigger problems.

Ah.... I was so humbled this week when we went to visit a recent convert, and their house is not a house. They has a fire with a pot of beans cooking on a fire outside, and that's pretty much all. That was humbling enough, but then the little 11-year-old girl went over to a shelf and pulled out two apples. We tried saying know, because we were fasting, and we didn't want to take their food when they don't really have any, but then she told us that she had been saving them for us for a week, just hoping we would come. We were finishing, so my companion said the prayer, and I just started crying because I couldn't believe how amazing my life is, and I wish I could change this world. Even though you all know I'm a cry-er, I rarely cry here in people's homes. I stay pretty calm. But I just couldn't. I was so humbled. That's the picture of the apple i sent you.
Hna. Stahly and I are together another transfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We made a sticker chart this week (based off the 'sure mom' chart from when we were little) and we reward ourselves with a sticker each time we do something hard for us. Because missionary work is hard.
Our cute little Maria Yolanda is so cute and old. She loves us so much, and we are really trying to help her understand the gospel.
I love this ward so much. I am so attached to some of them, and it will be hard to leave this area some day. 
I am so happy you are all excited for conference! I am dyyyyyyyyyyyyying for conference! Yes, we will watch it live. And the bishop said he will make sure we have it in english too! Our ward is finally big enough that it is getting broadcast to our ward building and we don't have to go to the stake center. So me and Hna. Stahly will just watch all by ourselves haha. In english. It's so much better.
Hno. Gustavo, our ward mission leader, is hilarious and so dry. Great guy.
I love you so much! Have a great week!
Hna. Coray

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