Thursday, September 3, 2015

One Funeral, One Birth, One Baptism, August 31, 2015

Licia got baptized! Her whoooooooooooooooooole family is members and they have been waiting this their whole lives, and seeing strong Santiago members was a good boost for our Viña ward to see how fully they live and support each other in the gospel. It was a fantastic day. It took three of them to baptize her tiny little crippled body without breaking her. Sooooooo cute! She was reborn at 80 years old. Ah!!!!!!!!!! Happy baptism. happy rebirth.

We are really trying to teach Valeska's step-dad, Omar. Please pray a lot for him. We hope this is his time. It would be such a blessing fo rthat family. The Montalva family (Valeska's big extended family) lives all in one huge building of houses next to the church, and Meri, the mom (she's like the ring leader of them all), came over with us yesterday to talk to Omar, even though we didn't know that was her plan. She made it the plan hahaha. 

My watch died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were sitting there studying, and Hermana Hamilton was like "Hermana, when are you going to stop studying?" and I looked at my watch and said, "we still have like 45 minutes." blink blink... I looked back at my watch and said, "oh my gosh! It's dead! It's like when you go to feed your turtle and it just won't move!" So today I'm buying another one. $5 walmart watch lasted me longer than any other watch I've ever had haha. 

I'm excited to see Elder Viñas this Wednesday:)

Sister Hamilton is here with me, at least until transfers, and we hope that she can stay here with just a couple of things to help her knee. She loves this area too. Transfers still aren't until next wednesday

Everyone should read page 387 of "teachings of President Ezra Taft Benson"

Also, I love this quote from Carlos A. Godoy, "Just because things are going well does not mean that we should not from time to time consider whether there might be something better." 

Keep your options open, and have faith that great things will happen in your life. 

Love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Hermana Coray

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