Monday, July 28, 2014

So much to do, so little time, July 28, 2014

This is gonna be short. Sorry bout it. There is just absolutely no way to have time, or be able to sum up how it is and everything that Im doing. So, Ill try a little:

Food: good, lunch with members, and 
Companion: Guatemala, Hna. Carias, awesome, convert, last transfer here, just recieved news that she will be staying till the end of the change, hallelujah
Investigators with potential: Family with mom member, dad and kids no, hopefully baptism in three weeks, dad has work on Sundays so cant go to church, thats the problem, but I love them.
Other investigators: hard to keep committments or accept doctrine, we are in the process of looking for new investigators too, which means a ton of walking because our area is huge and has a billion hills.
Language: coming, they change their words sometimes according to my size, so I never know if they´re using real words that I can use too, or if its just for me. haha. I teach about a third of the time in our lessons, which is awesome, it is just hard to understand them.
Apartment: Good, far away from everything we need to do
Feet: good
Dogs: everywhere
Fleas: none
Weather: kinda cold, but I'm warm
Ward: long story... they´re good, we need active ward missionaries haha

How I feel? Im in super-plan mode. 

Love you all so much! I know that´s super boring... you were warned. 

Oh! Everyone is excited that we can now have English classes that I'm going to teach twice a week, and investigators, less actives, and everyone else is really excited for that. First one tomorrow!

It´s nice to know that I´m in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. It is very hard to know exactly how to do those things, and to have patience with myself while I learn to do new things. The planning and studying is awesome, and of course, Ive been used to that for my whole life. The hard part is working with other people in a language that I can speak but can´t understand, and trying to coordinate with other people. Sometimes members or presidencies just look at me like I'm supposed to be a gift sent from above to give them all the answers, but when it comes to putting plans into action my companion and I can´t do everything ourselves, and we definitely cannot cover the entire area evrey day to check up on ward missionaries, less actives, recent converts, new investigators, and investigators. So, we have a great plan this week for waking up the members to help us help the people in their ward, so that we can then help build the branch with new members, while they are working hard to maintain and care for the members that are already members. Visiting teaching and home teaching is important, people. Do it. 

Sorry that was just kind of boring info... but Im ready to go, and trying to adjust to love something else as much as or more than I love all of you. Everyone always wants to see my family, so I show them the Family Proclamation Book that mom made. When I see how much they love you, it makes me love you more. 

Also, dont judge these pics. I was sleep deprived for two days in most of them. The first one is for Jennah, and the second one is with Algie Brown´s sister. She is such an angel. 
Hermana Coray

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