Monday, October 13, 2014

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold.. All You Need is a Light Jacket! October 13, 2014

Dear friends and family,
I love the change in the weather:) It is warm and barely breezy, so I pretty much live in paradise. (Well... for weather at least.) I think I saw Wendy Bone in one of the conference sessions! Ask her if she was there!
We have been concerntrating a lot on Emmanuel, who is going to be baptized this week, and also Ignacia and Michael, who will hopefully baptized in the next week or two. Everyone is doing great, expecially because we have been working so hard with members to have lessons in their homes so that we can help people be welcomed into to church, and feel like they have friends. I learned that before every meeting or activity, if you don't text or call or invite at least one person to make sure they know about it, you aren't doing your responsibility as a member. EVERYONE needs friends. NEEDS! PEOPLE! You can text and tweet, post and pin, in like 2 seconds. So just do it. (Nike swoosh)
We get to have interviews this week! Im so excited! Also, I hear that Maddy is going to be Clara, so I am so stinkin excited about that! 
My toes healed super fast, and I feel great. Everything is going kind of as usual in our ward, but we have seen some great progress in visiting teaching, home teaching, lessons with investigators in their homes, and more retention of recent converts. So that is great. It just took some time for me to figure out how to work better with everyone who's culture and lifestyle is very different from my own. 
I also read this week 'The Fourth Missionary' and about died of loving it so much. Especially the part about not only sacrificing our time and efforts to the Lord, but consecrating them. That means that we don't only do the things we know we should do because it's our duty, but that it is a pleasure. At first, leaving to come on a mission felt like a sacrifice, but I know it is a blessing. I found a common theme in all of your letters this week, and so I decided I would answer you all together, and that is that I am so glad you are all recieving blessings from this service. It isn't just something I feel like is my duty to do, but now it's my 'duty with a heart full of song.' It's a pleasure even when there's pain. Toes, sad people, rejection... the list could go on, but it doesn't really matter, becuase this is where He wants me to be, and I am His. So there is nothing else I could be happier to do right now. 
Do I love every second? Yes. Is it fun every second? No, hardly ever. I don't really feel like jumping for joy when someone yells, or doesn't want to listen, or tells us ´what we Mormons believe,´ but that has come to matter less and less, because why would it be easy for Christ´s missionaries, when it was never easy for Him?
There, Dad. That was more than two sentences. I am so glad you are recieving blessings. You are the best part of my life. I love you! 
Hermana Coray

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