Friday, October 10, 2014

Operation Sausages, October 6, 2014

 Sara has the cutest little dancer toes, we affectionately call them sausages, cause that's what they look like.  So she had to get more work done on her toenails this week on P day, so she didn't have much time left to let us know anything else about her week.   I know she recently had a zone conference because there are many pictures posted on the mission web site at  After our family prayer recently Robert said," I wonder how many prayers we have said asking to bless Sara's feet."  but please pray for Sara's feet to heal well so she can get out and visit the people she wants to meet.  Here are two short little notes she sent us.

Well, I'm just chillin here in the mission office because they finished operation sausages. The shots kill, but the rest isn-t ever that bad. Everything went great! Conference was awesome! Don-t have more time but Ill talk to you next week!
Sister Coray
And our family just got home from a vacation to Disney World in Florida. 
Dear family,
I hope you guys still had so much fun! Hahahaha I can picture your jabbing fights and falling into the bushes. Og my gosh... it will never change, and I hope it never does! I heard about Taysom... what are we gonna do with BYU... 

Conference was awesome! We got to watch it all, and in English too! My favorite sessions were the Saturday ones. They were all so amazing. I like the young Elder from the 70 Saturday Afternoon. It was awesome. 

Yes, I am sitting here in the mission office, because we just did the surgery and everything went well. I made my companion video it haha. So I can show you when I get home! It's too big to send. 

We'll be in the apartment for 3 days waiting for my toes to heal a little, and then just like before work up slowly to working full days. They healed so well last time, so Im not expecting any trouble this time around. 

Love you so much! Everything is going great. I am so grateful that we live in a place where listening to the prophet is important... because it is! Emmanuel is doing great, and hopefully will be baptized this weekend!
Love, Sara

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