Monday, October 27, 2014

Parables From Sara, October 27,2014

So I feel like everday there is a little line that goes through my head that teaches me a new lesson. This week they were great so I will share. The Lord always taught in parables, and I feel like these little thought He gives me from things I've heard before are the same way. If anyone is struggling with the application, ask Jennah to explain what part of the movie it's from.

Sleeping Beauty #1
I realized that the world needs like double or TRIPLE the number of missionaries. 
'But I sent more missionaries yesterday!!!'
'Oh yes, but we need MORE. Lots lots more!'

Sleeping Beauty #2
Also, trying to do missionary work without members is like the cute little green fairy that is frantically trying to stack the candles on the uncooked cake. We were talking about the importance of needing to help the members help us, and that little part of her standing there with her drippy frosting trying to prop it up with a broom......... oh it was hilariously perfect. THAT'S the missionaries. What's the oven? If you can't guess I'll tell you... it's the members. They're the retention, and the most important part for making it strong. If not... we're stacking candles on an uncooked cake. Lockily, we have some great members:)

You know that robots movie that no one on earth likes? There is at least one good part. 'See a need - fiil a need.' Yesterday as we had a little misshap with our baptismal font, I won't point fingers or go into details, but let's just say that we had a baptism in 20 minutes and there was zero water in the font. So that was fun. But I learned the importance of being anxiously engaged in a good cause and being agents unto themselves and it is nor meet to be compelled in all things. Last but not least mom's line be a good helper! But a miracle, after all that was learned, the font that usually fills in 3 hours filled in 30 minutes because a brilliant little someone thought to use the fire hose. (I didn't know if that was allowed, but I didn't ask questions when the thought came into my head haha). It made me think of Elder Holland's line at the end of his talk 'Although I am not my brother's keeper, I am my brother's brother. And because I have been given much I too must give.' Here in Chile, we are helping people learn to be good helpers that can see a need and do something about it. Regardless of if it is written in the description of your calling.

'Ask the Missionaries! They can help you!'
How true, Elder Anderson. If anyone is in need of anything, missionaries are kind of the Lord's worldwide spiritual welfare program. We know how to help. But apart from all we are able to do for others, I have also seen so many blessings that come into people's lives from helping US. If anyone out there wants some extra blessings, here's what I suggest: help the missionaries, it will bless you.

So the baptism for Ignacia was great yesterday, and we are working hard with Michael, Emmanuel, AND NOW Bastian:)

It has been a great week. We taught so many lessons it was insane. Our sector is huge, so I felt like we were running everywhere, but that's ok! Pray for the Rojas family that their marriage papers can go through so they can be baptized!

Love you lots and lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Coray
p.s. I will have you all know I am more pacient (I forgot how to spell that) and I also don't worry as much because I realized worry means you don't have faith or hope. Progress, people. Progress.


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