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Grand Canyon-November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween! Yes, they do, kind of, celebrate it. It lasts like an hour of trick or treating. and now, happy November!

This week was great. We had exchanges, and I got to go to Quillota with my good friend, Sister Day. And then the next day Hermana Rohner had to go to Viña for the choir practice, and so I got to go to ANOTHER part of Quillota with HERMANA CUBAS! It was so great to be with her and Hermana Moraga, you dont know her. It was a great couple of days, and kind of crazy to go around preaching everywhere, but it was so fun! I loved to see how easy it is to adapt to new places, and that we as missionaries can just mold together to spread the peace of the gospel, no matter where we are or how long we've known each other. I love the spirit of missionary work. It is the best thing ever. I love to teach. I love reading Preach My Gospel and applying it's teachings. Especially all that I have learned about teaching with simplicity and asking inspired questions. As we teach with love, and express our love for the Savior and others, the Spirit can testify so clearly to them, even if they don't have the courage to follow the prompting. There are many who will.

We are teaching Javiera and Andres. They want to get married, but the public court house thing in Chile has been on strike for more than a month, so they can't. Dah! She wants to get baptized! She understands the Restoration, and they have the cuuuuuuutest little baby, and when we were teaching about baptism and the Holy Ghost again this week, her eyes lit up listening to Andres tell how he felt when he got baptized and confirmed. So beautiful!

I have seen how really, they very best missionaries are the ones who worry the least about themselves, and just try to serve. There are so many good examples around me of that. 

We found a cute little family! The mom is inactive, but the three kids are so great! The Duran family:):):) they are so receptive! And we are going with Bishop Henriquez tonight to teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it is going to be great! 

Have you talked to Rita yet? She's our mamita here, and we love her so much. She was a missionary, and her and Rafael are so amazingly willing to help us and the ward. Rafael is HILARIOUS. He reminds me of a Chilean Dave Jackson. Haha just kind of walks around muttering to everyone about the gospel, he invites himself into everyone's houses and makes himself at home, and then shares some of the sweetest messages with the less actives and investigators and recent converts we go to visit. We're having FHE with a bunch of them tonight.

I love the gospel so much. I love that I know it is true. Charity truly is the divinest characteristic we can obtain, and we should all do what Moroni invites us to, pray with all the energy of our sould to be filled with that love. I can feel that love so strongly as we testify and invite others. The gospel brings peace. 

While I was on exchanges with Hermana Day, who has known me for a long time on my mission, I asked her if she thinks I have left a mark as a missionary, and she paused and said, "Hermana, I don't think you've left a mark.... I think you've left a Grand Canyon." I don't know if that's necessarily accurate.... hahahaha. The Lord really does do everything, and I cannot believe how sad my life would be if I hadn't come on a mission! Well... It probably would have been fine, but it's so much sweeter now! I am so glad this is part of the plan for me. 

I know that the Plan of Salvation is perfect, and that there really is a plan for us and our families. I love my family, and I love the gospel that makes us a happy family. The best way to be happy is to lose yourself in the service of others. I love to serve. "when you're helping you're happy!"

I hope the Lord keeps showering blessings over each one of you. He knows our needs, and He will always help us change for the better, but never without our own permission. We have to open our hearts to the changes the Savior is able to make. 

I love you all so dearly. Have a happy week of serving and sharing. I looooooooooooooooove you!

And Congrats Livy and Ben!

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