Thursday, December 10, 2015

You Could Sleep Through A Dumptruck Driving Through a Nitroglycerine Plant- November 9, 2015

This week there was another earthquake in the night, and I guess it was pretty big, but I would know haha.... I didn't even wake up. Hna Rohner was so surprised. She woke up, and looked at me, and there I was, dead asleep, with the building shaking hahahahahahahahahaha. I'm used to Chile! hahahaha

This week was a looooooooooot of contacting. I mean, every week is a lot of contacting. But I just love talking to people. I love giving people the opportunity to accept the best thing they will ever hear. 

This morning I finished reading the Book of Mormon again! 5 times in my mission:) It is true! The only reasons people could think it's not of God is (1) ignorance (2) bad intentions. Now I'm going to start it again in english:)

And we made a fort in our bedroom yesterday... for fun:)

My ponderizing scripture this week is Moroni 7:33

I love you all! 
Hermana Coray

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