Sunday, June 8, 2014

Finally on her way!

Finally on her way! Tuesday, June 3 Sara was set apart as a missionary by President Haderly.  It was peaceful for all of us.  She is ready to do great things in Chile. We met Greg and Adri at Olive Garden in Idaho Falls for a big family dinner where Sara cuddled Adee and Taylee and said goodbye to the Duffins.  She checked in at the Idaho Falls airport and visited until it was time for her to be on her way.  Hugs all around, a few tears and off she goes. 

It was fun to track her flights on my phone and imagine her getting to the next leg of her trip.  It was a loooooong day and night and day.  But she has made it to the Mexico MTC.  Hooray! Look out Chile here she comes.

We'll see how this picture of her with her brothers sizes up when she gets back.

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