Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Mmm...may​be" --So You're Telling me There's a Chance?! June 24, 2014

I heard those words, "mmm... maybe," when we asked our "investigator" to be baptized, and it was the best tal vez (maybe) I've ever heard. There's a chance! haha. I regret to say that I think that line is actually from dumb and dumber (which I have never seen) but somehow that came to my mind when she said maybe haha.

Some days are like roller coasters, and some days are like an entire amusement park, but the CCM is good. I'm getting a little restless already.

Today we got to go up to the temple visitors' center, so that was really awesome. They had a cool presentation about family life, and when we walked into the room with the crib and rocking chair I missed Adee and Taylee a bunch. The spirit was so strong on those grounds though. It was a much needed "recharging of the batteries." Even though the temple is closed right now.

Lauren and Erika, happy birthday last week!

Everyone needs to read the tiny little book called "The Power of Everyday Missionaries." Its really short and really great.

Some days it is hard to tell if Im making progress, and I just try my hardest to continue preparing. I feel the most important preparation happened before I even opened my call though. 

Even Christ had to prepare before He started His ministry. Have you ever fasted for 40 days? No you haven't. I know that because you're alive and reading this.

Although no one is capable of that same kind of preparation, it can be an indicator of how much effort should be put into preparing to serve the Lord. Im just glad that Im not the one who does the convincing, and the things that investigators learn and love are rarely the words coming out of a missionary's mouth. I hope I can bring the Spirit so He can bring the truth. 

The routine is so steady now that there isnt as much to say, but Im doing great and working hard. 

I love you all! I wish you could hear what the thunder is like here. Its like clockwork waiting for the rainstorm each night, and it is my favorite thing. 


Hermana Coray

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  1. You know you're a missionary when. . . your letters are more about Christ and the spirit than they are about you.