Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Like the Hunger Games Without Violence

Family and Friends

Lets be honest, getting a mission call is kind of like the reaping in the Hunger Games. A little in reverse, but still. Everything here reminds me of Hunger Games! They piled all 30 of us missionaries that traveled together in the same big bus, and dropped us off in the sketchiest neighborhood of Mexico City. Left us just inside of the front gates to fend for ourselves. (I could hear the countdown) Luckily the CCM is a piece of paradise in the middle of the kill-zone. I didnt start making all of these connections until me and my companion, Hermana Sanford were walking behind a couple of sisters, and one of them did the Hunger Games whistle, and a huge echo of bird calls erupted around us and repeated it back. I kid you not. It was so surreal and kind of creepy. The next night we were sitting in our classroom, and like every thirty seconds or so a cannon would go off, and someone would, without fail, whistle the hunger games. Our branch president told us they were just celebrating something. So there you have it. The hunger games is real, and its in the middle of Mexico City. Notice, were also categorized into districts. Also, theres a dome of angels around us, so I wish one would send down a spare lightning bolt that would help me with Spanish. 

I have learned so much already. Our CCM mission president is funny and awesome, but also kind of dry and stern. I can never tell if he is smiling or scowling, so I just let myself think hes always smiling. 

Hermana Sanford is awesome. We rule the CCM together, and she is just perfect. Shes from Utah. We{re the only sisters in our district (6 elders), and we{re all going to Vina together! They are so young, but mature and amazing. We lucked out. 

Our CCM director and his family are my favorite. His wife is so pretty I don{t even know what to do. He gave an amazing devotional about remembering Lots wife, and not wasting time in the past, but looking towards a new calling in the present and future. I cant do his words justice. 

When we first got here our water was brown, but they fixed it quick. The CCM is HUGE. 90 acres. So is our gym. I love that we get an hour every day to exercise. 

Bugs. Everywhere! Not in our houses thank heavens, but oh goodness, the red beetles are ginormous and something else. Also, Have you ever listened to the words in La cucaracha? Me neither, but they cant be pleasant, and I am certain that those are the bugs God sent to Egypt as a plague. 

I am serving with the best people. Theres about 300 missionaries here now, and in 5 weeks we will be up to 900. Hastening the work much? 

The CCM food is... there, and mostly edible. They have good fruit...

Spanish is coming along really well. My two words of advice for anyone with a mission call is this (1) memorize your purpose in your new language (2) read the Book of Mormon in your new language. Youll be well on your way to being fluent. I promise, youll want to do that. (ATTENTION AMANDA)

I still feel like myself, and I cant wait to get out and teach real people instead of fake investigators. Its helpful though. I still know the gospel is true. Read Joseph Smith history, its only 75 verses and everyone has 5 minutes to spare. You will agree with me. 

I dont sleep well, theres bugs everywhere and brown water, and theres no apostrophe on this keyboard, but I dont care. none of that seems to matter to me. The weather is perfect. (not too hot, not too cold, and all you need is a light jacket). Except, no jacket. I  LOVE the birds and palm trees and the mountains. I am getting so much done. 

Oh, the first time I went to get in the shower, there was one of those huge red beetles, and, anyways, I had to move. Fast.

For the first couple of times teaching, we used a lot of notes, but by our third time we used hardly any, and taught the entire restoration in Spanish. It was so amazing to teach by the spirit. 

My favorite scripture has been Ether 12 4 Look it up:) 

Katie Horne, will you email me and tell me those three periods of time for your mission that you talked about, and also, will someone look up the quote by Elder Maxwell that has the words {Patience permits us to cling to our faith when...} I cant remember. I love you all so dearly! I miss you tons, but Im not homesick. I can say with my great grandma "I have my face turned towards Zion." 

Its not the time of my life yet, but it can be and it will be. Thank you for your prayers. Send any letters to:

Sister Sara Marie Coray
Chile Viña del Mar Mission
4 Norte 1112
Casilla 631
Viña del Mar, Valparaiso

Ill get them when I get there! 

Love you with all my heart!

Hermana Coray

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  1. Let the Spirit be ever in your favor! The Spirit will get stronger and the bugs will get worse.