Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's the Bible, You get credit for trying, June 17,2014

I promise Im not doing this on purpose, but every week I just think of movie comparisons, and figure that everyone will enjoy them as much as I do. haha

You know that part of Pirates where those two stupid pirates are paddling their boat, and one of them is reading the bible, and the other one tells him that he should stop because he cant read? Thats how I feel trying to read\speak\understand Spanish. And every time Im staring at a page of words I dont understand I hear. ¨You know you cant read...¨And then I say to myself, Ït´s the Spanish Bible! You get credit for trying!¨¨

First of all, happy happy fathers day Dad! :) Last fathers day I was in San Francisco, this time Im in Mexico, and next year Ill be in Chile. Fathers Day 2016 is going to be a momentous occasion. Ill start thinking of something really special. I love you so very much, and I know i have the best dad in the world.

Also, I forgot to thank everyone for those adorable notes that you hid in all of my clothes, hairspray, books, socks... everywhere. I kept thinking I had found the last one, and then the next day there was always another one. So thank you so much! It made me so happy:)

Im so glad I brought not only the Hymns in Spanish, but the Childrens Songbook, too. Hna. Sanford and I use them when we teach our ¨discussions¨ because they bring the spirit and teach the gospel so simply. Thank mom:)

President Hnickley made a promise once, that if you read the Book of Mormon in your new language from beginning to end, then by the time you finished you would be fluent. Im only on page 70, but I can already see how that will be true. I calculated that I can be at least to page 310 by the time I leave the CCM. Halfway to fluent! 

For those of you who havent served missions in a foreign language, let me describe what its like to try and teach a lesson in a language youve been practicing for 1 and 1\2 days: Imagine a prison, and then dont change anything...

Kidding. Although, it is true. Now, Hna. Sanford and I can pretty much communicate anything we want to in a lesson, so that was only the first couple of times. Dont get me wrong, its still a matter of constant study and effort, but its coming quickly. 

I am definitely not here for the sake of learning Spanish. Everything else is so much more important, and the Spanish just comes as study everything else. 

Some of us wake up extra early to run a mile or two in the mornings, and it is great. (Our Pres. said we could). My stretching freaked my roommates out at first, but they had been warned, and now they are less shocked with every stretch. Haha. 

Our teachers are amazing, and so funny. I love learning from them.

The other day was really exciting because as we were watching a MTC broadcast from Provo with Elder Cook, (Elder Eric Mika gave the opening prayer) the auditorium started flooding. In a matter of minutes there was 6 inches of water at the lower parts of the auditorium. When we left and walked outside, the water in the ramp leading down to the auditorium was taller than me. Thats how much it rains! The thunderstorms are BEAUTIFUL.

Kristin, tell your dad that he was right about people in Latin America receiving answers through dreams. I didnt know how much I believed that when he told me, but now I see. I mean, not me. But a lot of the Latinos. 

Seriously, the birds. There is something in the water. So weve established that we have mockingjays here, but we also have tiny black peacock things, parrots, and then my personal favorite, the ones that sing like the giant blue bird from ¨for the birds¨. Its a great wake up call.

We have 8 Latina sisters living with us now, so thats super helpful, and they love us, so we have a ton of fun. 

If anyone runs across Baden Ballards mom! Tell her that her daughter found me, and I am taking good care of her. 

I have to safety pin my slips to keep them from falling, so that sould be an indicator of how much I like the food... haha. Dont worry, mom, I eat. They have good oatmeal, berries, STARFRUIT, fajitas, and I even like their enchiladas because they are really dry and spicy. No cheese or sour cream. Happy day. Some of the food is so interesting that Im perfectly content to let it remain a mystery to me. 

Tip for preparing missionaries: practice the piano. NOW. i mean it (that means YOU Steven and Jared). Develop every talent you have as much as you can, and I promise it will come in handy. Also, practice not being afraid to share those talents. 

Like I always told my students, when the time for performance has arrived, the time for preparation is past. In the words of the Lord, ïf ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.¨ DyC 38:30

My #1 idea for a happy life: be nice. If you cant say anything nice, then dont say anything at all.

(As I say to myself now, if you cant say anything in Spanish, dont say anything at all).

Also, if you are dying to write a letter, despite the much more efficient form of communication, email, then you can write one on dearelder.com and I will get it on the next P day. 

I dont know if it asks for it, but if you need it my district is 5. Or 5-C. 

Love you all with all my heart. I love the pictures:) Send some of the boys playing ball or the fam boating whenever you get time to go! 

Only 4 weeks till the real stuff starts! But I like this too:) 

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