Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pictures!!!! June 24, 2014

Arriving at Mexico City airport
 Bedroom and study all in one!
 CCM buildings
 palm trees!
 City behind the CCM
 Morgan Sanford
 Sara at the CCM
 the Mexico City CCM is 90 acres. It used to be a private high school campus, recently converted to the Mexico City CCM in February 2014
 The big green spot where we go in case of earth quakes.
 District trip to the visitor's center at the Mexico City temple.  The temple is closed right now, so they just visited the grounds and visitor's center.

 What a cute girl!!!

 Last week it rained so hard it flooded in to the auditorium while the missionaries were in class. It's dark but you can still get the idea of how much water was pouring in.
 Water in the street.
 Sara's feet covered with water.

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