Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 1, 2014, The Drugs Down Here

So this week EVERYONE at the CCM has been sick. Some of the missionaries who came in last week brought the flu and colds with them (I fully blame them - because you're not supposed to come to the MTC when you're sick! Exhibit A!) But I'm getting better. The clinic has been so busy here, so Hna. Sanford and I have been taking good care of each other. She has a cold, I have the flu. Im not telling you this to make you worry (so mom and dad, stop). I just thought Id let ya know. Luckily, (And I think almost everyone in the world is aware) that Mexico has no shortage of ... medical remedies. I had to get my last Hep A shot today, and the nurse reassured me that it WAS REALLY Hep A, and he was really good at it too. The Mexico MTC medical staff has got it together.

In the next 2 weeks the CCM will be almost up to maximum capacity at 1000 missionaries. It is becoming the #1 training center in the world for Spanish speaking missionaries. If you get the chance, look up the history of this place and how the church originally bought and built it. Its an awesome story. 

One of the sisters I live with is Hna. Howe, and we are super good buddies. I love her to death. She's good friends with Dallin Mower, and to that was a cool little connection.

I heard there's a new branch in Cuba?!?! Yay.

Theatre Ballet family, thank you for these scriptures. Ilove them.

This week was great, and we got to listen to a great talk by Elder Holland. I dont really remember how he said things, but my takeaways will stay with me.

In order to become as He is, we have to walk where He walked. Salvation has never been a cheap experience. It wasn't easy for Him to pay for it, so dont expect it to be easy for you to try for it. It's supposed to require our souls.

There is no other name whereby man can be saved. But we know our salvation has a name.

Mom, after you post this, will you also post a talk by Hugh B. Brown for me? Everyone whould read it. It's fantastic. ¨The Profile of a prophet¨ 4 Oct 1955 speeches.byu.edu. He gave it in a BYU devotional.

I love you all. 

I feel the same Spirit here that I have felt my whole life. At first, that bothered me, because I wondered if I was doing something wrong and not trying hard enough to feel a special kind of Spirit. Then I realized that that's not the reason I dont feel like my heart is on fire every 5 seconds. I feel the same as I always have, because I've always had the best people around me. Ive been living in 'The City of Enoch' my whole life, because I have been surrounded by my own angels. You are more angelic than some of the missionaries sometimes haha, and it makes me miss you, but there's nothing that would make me leave this calling.

 Love you forever!
Sister Coray

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