Saturday, July 19, 2014

Arrival of Hermana Coray

Last message Sara sent Monday, July 14 around 2:00 in the afternoon from the CCM:
Also, I will call around 9 o-clock, and Ill just call the house phone. If you don't hear from me, dont freak out. The call card might just not be working or something, or sometimes the payphones are weird. 
Dad, did my teacher, Hna. Vidrio message you on Facebook? She was going to try to get you guys to send her a video so I could see it before I left. So don't think it's some weirdy trying to get a hold of you haha. I love you all very much, and miss you everyday. Keep me (and my luggage) in your prayers as I travel and get to a new place. 
I have also heard from very reliable sources that as soon as we get to Viña and take a group picture by the clock tower, we immediately have to go place a Book of Mormon, and get a contact. Before we even get our trainer. So, pray for me with that too. Ill mostly just smile and act excited until they take the Book haha. Oh, and they just give us the address of the mission home and we have to find our way there. Ill still be with Hna. Sanford, so we'll keep each other safe and get the job done. 
Remember, no news is good news. Lots of prayers, please. Lovin you lots and lots! See you soon!
The Phone Call-Monday
We set up Skype with Jennah and Greg and Adri and waited for the phone to ring.  By 9:35pm I thought the calling card must not be working like she had said may happen.  Then the phone rang! We each took turns telling her about our day and wishing her luck.  Go love those people!!!! It was short and sweet and then the phone cut off... sad.  But it was so fun to hear her!
The Flight-Tuesday
There is a great app on my phone through KYAK where you can track any flight around the world.  A few times when I woke up in the night I checked to see the status of her plane flying across the ocean from Mexico city to Chile.  I hope she got more rest than I did. 
No News-Tuesday, Wednesday? Thursday!
So we kinda expected an email saying she arrived. Tuesday came and went, no news.  But we felt peaceful telling us all was well. Wednesday came and went, no news.... hmmmm starting to wonder, still peaceful. I woke up early Thursday morning at 5:00 am just as this email and picture arrived.  I smiled, said a little prayer, again and went back to sleep peacefully.
The Clock Tower!!!! Finally Thursday morning I received this message:
Dear family,
Your daughter is now with us in the mission field and she is ok, we are grateful to have her here.
 This is a picture of her.

Elder Call
Secretario Ejecutivo
Misión Chile Viña del Mar
4 Norte 1112 | 68315332

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