Saturday, July 19, 2014

Little things become important July 14,2014

This was a cute little letter conversation I had with Sara about her memories of the MTC:

Sara: The only things i will miss about the MTC are Sister Howe, Sister Nauta, and Sister Franks. Ill miss some other people too, but mostly them. I have made some very good friends here. Also, I loved that while I was here we were able to hear so many words from the apostles, and they say very different things in private settings than they do in General Conference or even in Stake Conferences. So I have really loved that. I am so glad that I will have all of these experiences to draw on for the rest of my life with my own family. It will be such a blessing. I hope you are doing good mommy. Thank you for teaching me how to fold fitted sheets and cook and do my own laundry, and to not be afraid to talk to people. Don't let the boys stop playing the piano. And making them sing couldn't hurt haha. Love you mommy

Mom: Isn't it funny how the littlest things add up to matter so much.  Life Skills..... they're important.  I love you so much.  So glad you have always been a happy obedient girl who looks to the gospel for direction.  Go love those people.  Eat well , Drink well,  be aware of people around you as you travel so you're safe.  Love you so much!!!! "I'm going on an adventure" Bilbo would say!!!!!

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