Monday, July 21, 2014

Im Laboring in the Vineyard, and I already have a Tree

This is Sara's first letter from Chile!!!! July 21, 2014

It is beautiful here. There are dogs EVERYWHERE.
Me and my companion live in a cute little apartment. Her name is Hna. Carias from Guatemala. She is awesome! This is her last transfer though... Mom asked me about a thousand questions, and I cant remember what they are, so Ill just tell you random stuff. Theres a lot of work to do with reactivation in Rañaca Alto (my area). Everyone says I have good Spanish, but I cant understand a THING people are saying to me. They are all so excited that Im from America, and so they get excited and talk even faster than normal, and I dont even see their lips move.... So... pray more for interpretation of tongues maybe. hahahah.
Like I was saying, everyone loves that I have such light skin, and the other day we were contacting in the market, and this nice man ran up to me and was very excited... he gave me a little tree. I didnt know what to do with it. I just carried it around until we got back to the church, and then gave it to a girl in the ward to keep. Hahaha.
Sorry I sounded so serious on the phone! I was tired and just couldnt hear you haha.
My interview with the President and meeting him and his wife and family was wonderful. One of the first things he said was ,"Welcome Sister Coray, we have been waiting for you for a very very long time." I know he wasn't just talking about the past six months... haha.
I have to learn Spanish very quickly, because most likely, I will stay here when Hna. Carias leaves in 5 weeks, and so I have to know the area very well and know who these people are!
Our ward mission leader and his family are awesome, and so great to work with. Its hard to get ward members to come to meetings sometimes, but we're working on it. I hope evryone is doing great! I love and miss you all, but I haven't really even had time to think about any of that since I got here, which is good.
Love you! Being able to upload pictures is a little weird, so Ill try to figure that out. Same time next week!
Hna. Coray

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