Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 14, 2014 Hermana Vidrio sending off District 5-C

Hermana Vidrio is one of the Spanish teachers at the CCM.  She really enjoyed district 5-C.  She sent pictures and videos to all the moms with this little message:

Here are more pictures and videos, I hope you all enjoy it.
Sisters, thanks for example to your sons and daughters (Alma 53:20-21, 56:47-48, Alma 57: 21, 26-27) they are this for you, thanks for your work and support them and send them to help and work WITH the Lord in His work.
I really love your children, they taught me too ... (a lot!! seriously)
I know that you may no need my help anymore but I want you to know that if I can help you in something I love to do it again.

on my new district, Two missionary'll also go to Chile Viña del Mar in six weeks, if you want to send more videos, I can copy them to a CD and send their children with them ;)
With LOVE:
Hermana Indhira Vidrio

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