Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Angels, December 8, 2014

This week I got to see the blessings that come into people's lives through missionary work. In three different houses we heard people pray and thank God for sending two angels to their house to help them. Two sisters with so many family problems, a lady who has had cancer for four years and lives all alone, and a single mom who told us that the first time the elders came into her house, since that day her children have never gone without bread. It is so hard to help people see past their problems to start living the gospel, but it is easy to see that we have something great. It is the best.
It takes a lot of getting used to being a trainer. Sometimes it feels a little bit like you walk alone, but I know I never do. The work of the Lord is never about statistics, it's about love. 

I can't imagine being a single mom with two tiny little kids, so she's not able to work, and her ex husband doesn't pay to help take care of the kids like he should. She was in the middle of giving her kids a bath, but wanted us to just kinda follow her around the house so she could talk to us. I started sweeping, and when I asked her where the dust pan was she smiled and told me she would get me one in just a second. I started hanging up the laundry, and when I looked over she was scraping us the garbage with her hands and putting it in a little bag. My heart broke in an instant, and I can honestly say I have never seen any other kids in chile that love each other so much and have such a good mom. But she started bawling as we were teaching her, and told us that her kids have never gone hungry since the Elders came into her house. It will be hard for her to change her life to live the gospel, but I told her that it would be harder not to do it. 

The gospel really is the easier way. I got the birthday cards from Adee and Taylee, and they were so lovely. Have a great week. Keep being missionaries.
It all reminded me of this talk by elder holland

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