Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Desert, December 29, 2014

Ok, first of all, I would like to say how happy I am that it snowed for you all on Christmas. I put in a request for that one, and I'm glad He felt like that would be a good thing. I loved getting to talk to you all, and thank you all so much for the great presents! My companion and I loved it all. It was a Merry Christmas with many blessings, and I felt so much love from you and the Savior.

This week was soooooooo hot, and we are doing this new idea the church leaders have asked us to apply with the mormon.org questions and pass along cards. We go to a big crowded place of our zone and four hours a day we contact and help people find out more about the curch with this big stand. I'll have to send a picture. It is a great way to find people, especially less-actives. I have to remind myself that it's all part of the plan, and even though we have four hours less to see investigators, it has a purpose and we will get blessings. It was so funny, one day we were out doing it and this sweet little old lady that talked extremely fast and I swear it wasn't even spanish, came over and talked to us for FORTY FIVE MINUTES. We tried to keep asking her for her address so that we would be able to go visit her in a better conversation setting, but that just wasn't happening. She was probably 95 years old and SO adorable (I understood approximately 2% of what she said) and I just had to think to myself 'does this story have a point? or does it just go on and on like the stinkin desert?' haha. She was so sweet, but ufortunately it was absolutely impossible to actually have a conversation. We hope we will be able to find her some day. 
Also, I forgot to tell you all that our mission is in the middle of translating the Book of Mormon in Spanish. 'But it already exists!' yes, I know, but there are many words that aren't exactly synonymous with how it is in English, so those who feel able to do it are going through and finding ways to improve it. One thing I found was the word 'wilderness'. It always says desert instead of wilderness. It makes a difference. 
I have been making goals to apply for this wonderful 2015 year that is coming, and I decided for the 'spiritual' category of imporvement, I am going to focus on one attribute of Christ each month. The first nine are from preach my gospel, and the last three I just picked. You are all invited to do it. Write in your journal, study scriptures and talks, have a FHE about it, or just think about that attribute for the month. It will bless ya lots! Im pretty excited. 
January Faith
February Hope
March Charity
April Virtue
May Knowledge
June Patience
July Humility
August Diligence
Septembe rObedience
October Mercy
November Wisdom
December Peacemaker
Put good goals for the new year so that when we get to the end we'll have something to show for it. I love you all so very much. I think our sector will stay pretty calm for new years, so we'll go out and work until it's time to go to a new years dinner with a different family in our ward. I love you toooooooooons! And miss you. Be good. Thanks for being the best family I could EVER ask for. 
Hermana Coray

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