Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Do We Know What We Have,January 5, 2015

I got transferred, and now I am in Limache, Villa Alemana. Try saying that 10 times fast haha. My companion is Hermana Paùu from San Francisco, but she's Tongan. I LOOOOOOOOOVE her. She is layed back and helps me be happy. We have fun:) Yes, fun. This morning I was just kind of pondering about my life a little bit, and I thought about all the amazing things I have in my life. First of all, I have life. I breathe, sing, dance, think, love, dream, have emotions, I can plan, create, decide, and laugh. Everything we have and everything we are is pretty amazing, and the thing that makes a difference is how we use it all. I especially thought about how we are halfway to the next general conference, and sat and thought if I had gone back to see the pure revelation that the prophet and apostles and leaders recieve for us. I invite us ALL to go back and read ever conference talk before the next conference. I feel like, well, I know, that the more we use what we are given, the more we will be given.

The new sector is smaller, without hills, hotter, and a bigger ward. I really really like it here, and I felt so welcomed in even the first few hours I was here. It's a little farther away from Viña. Our department is a little duplex kinda house. It is... interesting. haha. We have some great investigators, a few that need to wait to get married, which is quite a process in Chile, and some that just need a little extra love to understand the plan God has for us. I live on a street named Lucuma, so I take that as a sign that dad needs to do some custard/lucuma planning. We are really trying hard to reactivate and retain all the new converts and less actives, so that we can build Christ's Church in South America. It is hard to endure to the end, because the end really never comes:) 

We have so much more than we realize, and I know we can all try a little hard to be a little better. 

I love you so dearly. I have had more than just a change of heart, I've had a change in ME. I would especially love it if you could all read Elder Perry's conference talk. I read it this morning, and it made me so grateful to have had a home like that. I love you more than I can say. 

Love Hermana Coray
Pictures from Christmas!

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