Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"He is the gift" December 15, 2015

I hope you have all seen the 'He is the Gift' video. We love watching it with families. We had a zone conference this week, and I got grandma's present. It is beautiful and I love it. I love reading the little story books. So cute! Our zone conference was amazing, and the presidency has made a change in our mission where we aren't going to use key indicators or anything anymore. All we do is track church attendance each week and the people we baptize. It's hard to have to literally go out and call people to repentance to get them to be baptized or come back to church. We are starting by going to find all the Melchezidek Priesthood holders, and getting them active first. One of every 30 people in Chile is already a member. We have a lot of activating to do. Mari Luz, the cute young single mom with the two kids wants to get baptized, but there's a lot of preparation and committment to help her learn how to LIVE not just BELIEVE the gospel.
Oh my goodness fam.... the commandment to keep the sabbath day holy is so important. If nothing else, I will come out of this understanding why we offer each Sunday as the Lord's day. There are soooooooooooo many blessings that are lost from not keeping it holy. I don't think I ever realized, because we have always lived that way, but for people who don't sanctify the Lord's day will find that they actually will have less time if they don't make time for Him. Also, I am so glad that I know to read my scriptures and say my prayers every day. The commandments bring us so many blessings and keep us happy. Tithing, the day of rest, fasting, honoring your mother and father, love the Lord first, treat others like you want to be treated, read the scriptures, pray. It all helps so much.
It's hard to build the church. It's a hard thing. And sometimes I feel like it is so unfair that I am benefitting so much from this service, and there are so many people who choose to miss out on those blessings. My mission is supposed to be to bless OTHERS, but I am the one who gets to see the miracles and be blessed. It doesn't make sense, but when you think of how much Heavenly Father loves us, it actually does. When you're helping you're happy. 
We had a few awesome lessons with that young boy Michael and his family. He really wants to get baptized, but his dad isn't sold on it yet, and so it has been great to finally have his dad in town to be able to teach him too. When we taught about the first vision the spirit was so strong, and I loved it. 
I love the gospel more each day. I don't ever think it's possible, but somehow the Lord keeps this seed of faith growing in me. The other day I was wondering/worrying that I don't have enough faith. That maybe if I had more we would have more baptisms, and more people would come to church. Sometimes just when people start to be reactivated or want to get baptized, something gets in their way and it doesn'`t end up happening haha. ahhhhhhhhhh. And I think 'well, if I had more faith they would follow through.' But I think that faith means obedience. If we have faith in the Lord and that He really will bless us, we will be obedient. I am obedient to the max, so I guess what we're doing is the way the Lord expects it to be right now. Even though we can always give more. Because He has given us everything. He is the gift. I love The Savior so much. I am so grateful to be a missionary. It's hard. It is rarely fun. But it is very worth it, and I wouldn't change it for anything. 
It will be fun to talk to you all the 24th! I think it will be sometime in the afternoon. And we can Skype!Love you! Have a great week! Be good so that Santa can bring you presents:)
Hermana Coray

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