Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Merry Cristmas December 22,2014

I am sitting here, and honestly I don't remember much of what happened this week. All I know is that we worked... HARD. We are really trying to help the members get exctied about doing missionary work, and understand the meaning of 'every member a missionary'. I kind of have this awful feeling in my chest, because I was able to help 6 wonderful people be baptized at the first of my mission, and now 2 months without seeing much of anything, but I know I need to see the bigger picture. One of my converts is really having a hard time, and doesn't want to come to church, and that has been super hard for me. My sweet Fernandez family is doing well, and Ignacia is now the president of her beehive class, so that's awesome!
Being a trainer is very... interesting. I don't feel new anymore. That came and went fast. I've gotten to the point in my mission where I finally know how I would love for everything to be, and it's hard to make everything happen at the pace I would like it to. Patience. 
Can I just tell you all how important it is to go to church each week? Dad, here is my public apology that after my talk that Sunday we came home to take care of the peeps at the house. Never again. Church is always more important. 
I felt super grateful and happy this morning as I was studying, and I made a list of the spiritual gifts I have been given or that I would like to develop more. I didn't have time to finish the list........... that was extremely humbling. I thought to a phrase in my partiarchal blessing where it talks about that my talents and gifts will develop through being willing to serve the Lord. In this short time I have already seen how willing the Lord is to bless me when I am willing to be obedient. 
We are really trying hard to activate members so that we can have more leadership in the ward... it's coming... I think. It just teaches me so much that the offense is in the heart of the offended not the offender. We can choose if we are going to take offense to something or not. Forgiveness... it's what the Lord does best. And if we want to be like Him we better get good at it. 
A ver ver very merry Christmas to everyone! I am soooooooo excited to talk to you guys Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you a merry Christmas! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'll call around 6:00 in the afternoon here. I think I'll call Jennah's first, and if that doesn't work I'll call Age's.
Love you!
Be good so Santa brings you something.
And remember the reason for the season!
Looooooooooove Sister Coray

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