Monday, June 22, 2015

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, June 1

Ok, one day this week we had to go across our sector four times.... it's huge. We almost died. BUT! we didn't, and we rode in this little outside elevator thing that made me feel like I was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and I was sad I didn't have my camera. Another day...

This week we had conference with President Kähnlein for the last time.... I cried. We were all so sad! Because he is so fantastically amazing. I am the luckiest missionary in the worl to have had him for a mission president. I have learned sooooooooooooo much for him and his wife, and my life will never be the same. I especially loved what he talked about at the end. There's a bee that is huge, and it's technically too big to be able to fly. Its wings are proportionally off from its body, and it's proven to be too big to fly. But that doesn't seem to bother the bee too much, because it flies anyway. He used it as such a great example for what we 'can and can't do.' There really aren't things that are out of our reach. We can do anything we put our mind to. It reminded me of the book about the Woemicks, 'You are Special.' It's not very important to go around letting what other people think of you matter. The only thing that matters it what Heavenly Father thinks, and with Him, "all things are possible," so that illiminates other people's opinions of what we are or aren't able to do.

It is harder to find people to teach in this sector, but that's ok. I know there's miracles waiting to happen. Like the other day we went looking for an old investigator we found in the area book. We found the house, but an older lady came out (she wasn't too happy to see us) and said she was his sister, and that he had died the DAY before his baptism. We asked if we could share something with her, andit's not worth repeating the response. But then we asked if we could come back another day, and she goes, "no, you aren't the first missionaries that have come looking for him," and I told her, "oh isn't that nice that God is so patient that He hasn't given up on sending people to your house." She kind of just stared and then tried to keep herself from smiling, and said we can come by another day if she happens to be home. We left there thinking that someone really wants his temple work done. Haha

Also, no one told me Steven graduated this week. Or maybe you all did, but I just didn't remember. Anyways... HAPPY GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I can't believe the wedding is getting so close. I just can't even imagine.  

Yesterday we went out early (like every Sunday) to look for people, and our sweet Sister Cecilia took us up the hill in her car to look for some people, but no one that had committed to come wanted to come.. so we went to the church building, and her tire popped in the parking lot. Just one of those things you gotta love about Sundays. 

I love my companion! She is so sweet. She feels just like a little sister to me. When I feel like I can't keep going, we just do. 

Matt Doggett - Thanks for the letter! I got it! 

I love you all so much! I can't believe how incredible you all are, and that I am so lucky to have you. My family is the best. Keep doing all the great things you are doing, and you will keep being blessed:)

P.s. where did Greg serve in Brazil? and where did Kurt serve in Peru? Peru right? 

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy mission anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lovin you lots and lots

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