Monday, June 22, 2015

pioneer children sang as they walked, and walked and walked and walked, June 22, 2015

We found new people to teach this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now the challenge is finding them at home again!

The cinnamon roll FHE was a great success. I was almost in tears making them, because it didn't look like they were going to turn out. And I was so mad at myself!The dough just wasn't rising, but we didn't have time to wait for them. (even though we started them super early, following Adri's instructions...) but I thought of the little pioneer woman story where she had like a piece of bread, and she stuck it in the pot with a lid, and prayed, and when she opened it there was a unch of hot food in it for her kids. So I left the kitchen, said a little prayer, and when I went back to look at them... guess what I saw?!?!?! Dough still hadn't risen.... so I stuck them in the oven anyways thinking, "oh well, Chileans won't know the difference." and went back to check on them, and they were big and puffy and lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Patience and faith people.... and miracles happen. Even when I'm not a little pioneer lady. 

But I sure do feel like it in this sector! sometimes there just isn't anyone in the street, and no on ewants to come out of their house, but we just keep looking for all the people we know, and walk and walk and walk:) Like nice little pioneer children. Singing in the street helps a lot. Thank you primary songs...

We started teaching a couple family members of several recent converts! taht's always exciting because recent converts have such a pure nice little testimony to share.

The ward list... is a mess. Each day we go looking for people we don't know with the addresses in the ward list, and oh my goodness no one's address is right, and some people haven't lived in those houses for like 20 years. so that's a service project we're doing for the ward. Looking and reporting when we find out they don't live there.

Happy Father's Day again! This cute little old grandma shared a father's day poem in sacrament meeting yesterday, and it was hard not to see daddy all day. We watched "heavenly Father, Earthly Father" with a recent convert, and that was a bad idea. 

There's an Elder in my district that is from Xalapa Mexico! Well, that's the mission that covers where he lives at least. 

favorite thing I heard this week. "You Mormons do a lot of good. Momron must be a good person." Thank you, stranger, yes... yes he was. The cute lady who said this is now a new investigator haha.

Pray that people here will believe in God! I've never known so many aethiests in my life! 

I love you all so much! I am so proud to call you mine!
Hermana Coray

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