Monday, June 22, 2015

Teach Your Children, April 20, 2015

Why is going on a mission the best two years? (Or 18 months)... I'll tell you why - you learn to serve and love the Lord, and you learn to teach. It is the greatest responsibility on this earth to teach your children the gospel. I can't believe the number of times I hear parents say that they don't want to "force" the gospel on their children, and that they should be able to choose. Ok.... then why don't you at least TEACH it all to them so that they have a correct understanding of the principles they will be leaving behind if they choose something else! Like a family of members that asked us yesterday, "when are you going to come over and teach the lessons to our 5 year old daughter so she can start getting ready to be baptized?" HOLD ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you DOOOOOOOOOOOOOO as parents?!?!?!

Parents are the primary gospel teachers! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Anyways, that is why serving a mission is the best. Because every decision made from the moment you finish and on, will be made with an incredible amount of responsibility. Including how to teach your children the gospel. 

P.s. I cut my hair. It was so nasty. Even with all the wonderful product... this lack of an ozone layer just ain't happenin. So.... it's down to my shoulders. And now I'm going to make sure to get a trim every six weeks so it stays healthy and get long and luscious in the next seven months. 

The first thing I want to eat is Chinese food. 

I love you so much! Pray we can find some prepared people! MARRIED people.


Happy birthday, again, Steven and Jennah!

xoxoxoxoxoxxo times a million

Hermana Coray

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