Monday, June 22, 2015

You Never Know Until You Try, April 27. 2015

Ok so our cute little Maria Yolanda that is 84 years old.... we had decided that she loved US and not the gospel about two weeks ago, so we stopped passing by, but then Hermano Gustavo, our ward mission leader, started asking about her, and so we decide to go back. We have been so proud to see that she remember what we've taught, and is happy to live the gospel. She has had such a hard, sad life, and she is just such an amazing person. I am so glad she just happened to be standing out in front of her house one day so we could find her. It's hard for her to go to church. Like yesterday, we had stake conference, and it's far away, so when we went early to get her she was sick in bed. BUT we made her breakfast and made her go back to bed, and then later after the conference we went sith some ward missionaries so they could give her a blessing. I don't know why, but I just love waiting on sick people. (I'm sure dad is rolling his eyes..."you think that now...") haha.  I'm just so glad we felt prompted to go back there. You never know until you try. And also, I thought of what Kurt told me the other day in his nice email (Kurt, you should feel special for the shout out). That if people are keeping their committments and showing all the right signs of conversion, that's their problem if they decide not to hold up their end after making a covenant. It's not like we're forcing anyone to the waters of baptism. (He said it a lot nicer, but that's the way it stuck in my head haha).

The conference yesterday was soooooo amazing. I really wish more poeple would have come! It's nice to learn on my mission the importance of going to the meetings... all of them possible. Also, I just loved all they said about the temple. The temple in Concepcion isn't even being built yet because there aren't enough worthy people to enter, and the one in Santiago isn't being fully appreciated yet, so why would they hurry to build another one. It's true what President Monson said that temples are a good indicator of church growth. I'm glad we have so many temples where we live. And I don't have to plan a 'temple trip.' What a blessing! 

We found the cutest little couple yesterday! Well, we've found a lot of new people this week... but they're married! yay!

I love you all so much. Go to the temple. Go lots. And then go again. And go up to the grass with the fam and have a FHE! That sounds so fun to me....

Love you all sooooooooooooooo much!
Hermana Coray

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