Monday, June 22, 2015

Preach My Gospel, June 8,2015

Quick question for self reflexion.... how many times this week have I tried to share the gospel?

Im so sorry but I don't have time!

I am so happy to see the members conciously trying to share the gospel. It is such a blessing. We found the cutest girl this week from one of their referrals! Pray for Sofia!

Spiritual gift update: I know have the gift of tongues mixed with the diversities of operations - I can type in english while speaking in spanish about something completely different. Multi-tasking and bilingual. hahaha

Other things - 
I got lice this week... it's gone now, but that was not fun. 
We were walking down the street with our laundry, and this little old lady looks at us so shocked, and asked us "did they throw you out of the house!?" it was so cute, and we smiled and reassured her that no, we were just doing laundry. We're going to go back and see her because that shows she has a good heart for feeling!

love you all!

My guesses for Steven: Brazil, Illinois

Hermana Coray

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